When Wabwire Dennis, senior pastor of Assemblies of God Buhauli in Uganda, was invited to attend Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) facilitated by Resonate Global Mission, he decided to skip the first day.

In the end, the lesson he missed brought 13 new believers to his church.

Skeptical of Ministry Trainings

Dennis wanted to be a better leader, but he was fed up with disorganized ministry trainings that promised change but did not deliver. When his friend invited him to attend TLT, he was skeptical—but he thought he would give TLT a try.

Growing to expect slow starts to ministry trainings, however, he decided to skip the first day of training and start on the second day. But that evening, Dennis received a call from one of his church leaders who was attending the training.

“Why didn’t you come to the training today?” the leader asked Dennis. The leader shared what he learned that day about caring for God’s people. Dennis was surprised by the insight and resolved to leave his home early the next morning so he wouldn’t miss a minute of the second day.

Caring for God's People

When Dennis arrived, he saw how disciplined TLT was. Determined to be a better leader, he worked hard to learn as much as possible and promised to study the lesson he missed the first day. When the facilitator saw his commitment, he assigned two of Dennis’ church leaders to guide him.

That first lesson, “Caring for God’s People,” explained how God visits his people. Dennis was so touched by God’s desire to be in relationship with his people, that Dennis wanted to be a better pastor by getting to know his church members better.

But Assemblies of God had many members. Just like TLT, Dennis knew visiting members would require discipline and that he couldn’t regularly visit all members of his church or community. He made an action plan to visit the homes of 70 of his church members and to train 30 leaders to visit members of the community twice a week—especially in times of crisis.

Bringing More People to Christ

Dennis and his church leaders followed through on their action plans. They visited with members of their congregation and their community. As a result, they were able to reconcile conflict, support small group Bible studies, and welcome 13 new believers into their church. Praise God!

“Little did I know that there was a great need in my area and so many people need to be visited,” Dennis said. “I thank God that I got this chance because I would have not gotten what I got through TLT anywhere else.”

Thank you for supporting TLT through Resonate so pastors like Dennis are better able to care for their congregations. Dennis asks you to pray with him: “May the Lord continue to bless Resonate with resources to enable them to take TLT program to many church leaders and build the kingdom of God.”