We as a church are at our best when we learn from each other. Like the sound of music is intensified and enriched by the joining together of different voices and instruments, there is a reverberating effect when congregations and communities work together. We each have a part to play.

We as an agency are tasked with providing leadership to the Christian Reformed Church in sharing the Gospel until it reverberates through the whole world. Our mandate is not only to provide leadership to our partner missionaries, church planters, and campus ministers—our mandate is to provide leadership to the denomination. Each one of us here today, and each person in our congregations back home, is a missionary. We all have a calling; we all have a voice. This agency is equipping the Christian Reformed Church for that calling—for living and sharing the good news, so that it goes out in every direction like an expanding, amplifying sound.

Resonate continues the good work of Home Missions and World Missions. For more than a century, these two agencies introduced people to Christ in North America and around the world. For us, that means continuing our partnership with churches in the United States and Canada to plant churches, do campus ministry, train and equip pastors, and develop future leaders. Additionally, it means sending missionaries overseas, proclaiming the Gospel, and forging lasting partnerships.

In addition to this ongoing work, we also are tackling new opportunities for ministry. Here in North America, we need experience in international ministry to help churches effectively reach across cultural barriers and forge partnerships within new communities of faith. In other nations, we need expertise in church planting and campus ministry to help people in every nation discover God’s plan for their church, community, and life. With your prayers and financial support, as Resonate Global Mission, we will be able to equip all our churches for ministry and join together with what God is already doing around the world.