We are excited for the fresh initiative God is calling us to! As Resonate, we bring the Gospel to people, neighborhoods, communities, churches and the world to embolden them in participating in God’s mission and faithfully proclaiming and living out the good news of Jesus.

Each one of us is a missionary. We all have a calling; we all have a voice. As a single mission agency, we are now able to equip the Christian Reformed Church for that calling—for living and sharing the good news, so that it goes out in every direction like an expanding, amplifying sound.

One of the biggest opportunities we are tackling is cross-cultural ministry. The barriers of distance and geography become less and less important in this globalized, connected culture. All over the world we are finding opportunities to work with people from every culture and background! In far away places where our missionaries work, and even in our own neighborhoods and congregations, we find people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, and people groups.