An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

The church is called to provide a home for all of God’s children, but sometimes children are overlooked. Thanks to you, a Resonate church plant has been able to show children how much God loves them.

God called Eric and Shumaila Sarwar from Pakistan to Artesia, Calif., to plant Artesia City Church in partnership with Resonate. As they joined the local community of immigrants from Pakistan and India, it soon became clear that God had called them there for a reason.

Engaging God’s Children

When one door closed for Adam* and Kelly*, God threw another door wide open. Now, they’re opening a door for students who need a place to belong.

Adam and Kelly had been serving as Resonate Global Mission missionaries in the Middle East, working with people from different religious backgrounds—one of their passions and goals for their ministry.

But then visa complications forced them to leave and move to another Middle Eastern country, where an international church had been looking for a new youth pastor for several years.

An Open-Door Policy

The congregation at Escazu Christian Fellowship (ECF) is living out their faith in a new ministry for the thousands of youth living without homes in and around San Jose—Costa Rica’s largest city.

Don Ridder, a Resonate missionary and pastor at ECF, strives to equip mission-minded leaders in ECF’s congregation who will focus on sharing the love of Christ with their neighbors.

New Hope Amidst Youth Who Are Homeless

“I think there’s a lot of pressure to be really good as a female pastor—not just an OK pastor,” said Sam DeJong McCarron, who works as a ministry vocational consultant for the CRC’s Pastor Church Resources. “You have to be the best of the best because you’re a woman and a female pastor in a denomination that holds two views on it.”

Sam and her husband, Nate, are ordained ministers of the Word in the CRC. They were recruited to plant a church in Denver, Colorado, in 2009—but they could not find a CRC church right away that would ordain both of them.

The Unspoken Challenges Female Church Planters Face

"One of the most delightful things, surprising things, challenging things for us in mission has been the people we get to work with—the pastors, the leaders, the church members," said Ben Meyer, Resonate missionary in Mexico. People like Pastor Luís Alberto—his story inspires Ben to take a step further in his commitment to Christ.

On Mission 12: Ben Meyer

When Roosevelt Park Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., closed its doors three years ago, Allen Pontarelli and Henry Bouma knew the community needed another church. So, they planted Southwest Community Church (SCC) with the support of Resonate Global Mission.

But SCC did not start as a church. It started as a dinner.

A Neighborhood with Needs

Meeting the Neighborhood’s Needs with Dinner and a Service

Reading over grant applications from CRC church planters is always a joy for those of us on the church planting team here at Resonate Global Mission—it is inspiring to see how these church planters are leading their congregations to love God and love their neighbors in creative and practical ways. To share a glimpse of how one church plant is doing this and to perhaps spark your own creativity, let me tell you about a recent event hosted by Iglesia Sunlight Español, a Resonate partner church plant in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

A Fair for the Community in Port St. Lucie

Ahmad* and Haniya* were living in a Middle Eastern nation when the Holy Spirit lit an ember inside their hearts. Despite the persecution against Christians in their country, they began to wonder if Jesus was the truth.

When they moved to Western Canada, they were free to pursue Christianity—but living in a foreign land, they did not know where to begin their search.

Then they found the church pastored by Ray De Lange, a Resonate Global Mission missionary, and the ember sparked a fire.

Engaging the Changing Shape of Mission in Canada


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