An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

Last month, Resonate Global Mission local mission leader Scott Geurink sat in a greenhouse with a group of seasonal workers who immigrated to West Michigan from Mexico and Central America.

They were on their break, sitting at tables in the lunchroom. Work gloves lay on the tables and Bibles rested open to the gospel of John.

“If you died today, do you believe you’d go to heaven?” Scott asked them.

Almost everyone said, “No.”

Greenhouse Evangelism

Auwalu* had a dark, bitter countenance and a biting tongue, said Resonate Global Mission missionary Donna*.

Donna met Auwalu’s family when she moved to West Africa many years ago to live among people who had practiced Islam for centuries. As she became friends with Auwalu’s family, she committed to praying for them and sharing the gospel with them—but while some family members were open to hearing about Jesus, Auwalu grew up to be a young man fiercely against Christianity.

Becoming Disillusioned with Islam

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in Berlin, Germany, a congregation of immigrants and refugees from Eritrea gathered by a lake for worship and baptisms.

That same day, something inside Suzanne*, a natural-born German citizen, told her to go for a bike ride.

“I have heard German believers say they believe God has sent this large influx of refugees to Germany in order to bring renewal to the German Church,” said Resonate Global Mission missionary David Kromminga.

Faith through the Eyes of Newcomers

Fatim* and her family live in a village in West Africa that had known only Islam for more than a century—until Resonate Global Mission missionary Gwen* moved in and began sharing the gospel.


Fatim was just 10 years old when Gwen moved into her village. While many families were resistant to Christianity’s new teachings, Fatim’s mother was curious about the newcomer and her faith.

Following Jesus in West Africa

Resonate Global Mission volunteer Harry De Jonge has answered God’s call to help build church buildings in the Dominican Republic—18 times.

Harry is a member of Talbot Street Christian Reformed Church in London, Ontario. In 2001, a young adult group from his congregation approached him. They wanted to partner with people in the Dominican Republic to help build church buildings, but they needed someone with a background in construction—and Harry had nearly 25 years of experience as a construction consultant.

To the Dominican Republic and Back ... 18 Times

Resonate Global Mission volunteer Pat Voetberg spent eight days in Obule, Uganda, and brought home a new way to pray.

“We here, especially in [my community] West Michigan, are often so careful,” said Pat. “We don’t want to say too much. We don’t want to be too vulnerable. Sometimes our culture really keeps us from expressing our faith.”

A New Way to Pray

“Did this trip change my life? Not in the past tense, no. It’s changing my life.”

Emily Van Gerpen wrote that sentence more than a year ago when she reflected on her service-learning trip to Nicaragua in June 2017 with Resonate Global Mission and Dispatch Project. But her statement is more true today than it was then: just a few months ago, she quit her job, ended the lease on her apartment early, and moved away from family and friends to return to school and pursue a career as a counselor.

The Potential of Partnership

“I’m not the guy who goes to a conference and says, ‘Oh, I found the secret formula to saving our church,’” said Jeff Heerspink, pastor of F Street Neighborhood Church in Lincoln, Nebraska—one of two Christian Reformed church plants in Classis Heartland.

Located in the urban core of Lincoln, F Street Neighborhood Church does not look or operate like the established churches in its classis that have been around for decades. Jeff and his congregation face unique challenges, particularly in terms of sustainability.

It Takes a Network to Sustain a Church Plant

Christian books could help Cambodian believers grow and mature in their faith—but only if they’re able to read them.

That’s why Fount of Wisdom Publishing House is working with Resonate missionaries Gil Suh and Justin Van Zee to find Christian books to translate.

Why do Cambodian Christians need books?

“The Cambodia church is young with mostly young leaders,” said Suh. Only two percent of Cambodia’s population are professing Christians—and many are first-generation believers.

A Novel Idea for Helping the Cambodia Church Grow


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