An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

With Nicaragua’s rainy season fast approaching, Luis and Alba Lopez knew their family was in a dire situation—their roof wouldn’t be able to withstand the rainstorms.

A family of four, the Lopezes lived in a small, cramped house. While Luis worked hard making and repairing shoes, he couldn’t afford materials for a new roof.

The Warmth of a Home and Community

Last year a 7.5-magnitude earthquake shook Hela Province, Papua New Guinea. Landslides destroyed villages, took the lives of many people, and left survivors buried in grief and fear.

“People were in shock,” said Jenny LeMahieu, a Resonate Global Mission missionary who serves as a Scripture-use facilitator with Wycliffe Bible Translators. “Various organizations came to hear their stories in order to give tarps or food. No one had come to talk about [the survivors’] emotional and spiritual pain.”

Not until Jenny and her team arrived.

God’s Unshakable Faithfulness

Fred wanted to be in the driver’s seat of his own life, but then God intervened.

Finding God

“[Fred] has a very rough background,” said Bruce Gritter, pastor of The River Community Church in Edmonton, Alta., and a local mission leader for Resonate Global Mission. “Through the course of his life, he’s had some ups and downs. He told me: ‘Every time I try to drive the bus of my life, I end up in a ditch and get really stressed out.’”

Finding Peace in God

How can your church effectively join God in mission? Kevin DeRaaf recently stepped into Resonate Global Mission’s new role as Director of North American Regional Teams and Canadian Administration—he and the Resonate team are ready to help you lead your congregations in engaging mission locally and globally. He shares more information in this Q&A.

Get to Know Resonate’s New Director of North American Regional Teams

“About two weeks ago I was so happy. You know what happened?” The village chief of Agbo, Nigeria, smiled at Resonate Global Mission missionary Jonathan Barnhoorn.

“I wrote a letter in my own language to one of my assistants, and he did what I asked him to!” the chief exclaimed.

“This probably doesn’t sound like much,” noted Jonathan, “especially to those of us who write things every day—but to this village chief, this was the first time in his life that he had been able to do such a thing. Ten years ago, it would not have even been possible.”

Understanding God’s Heart through Scripture

Three months before the Orlando nightclub shooting in June 2016, Magda experienced profound sadness and felt an urgency to pray.

Magda is a member of Iglesia Cristiana Reformada Comunidad de Fe Poinciana, a Resonate Global Mission church plant located an hour South of Orlando. Unable to explain the pain she felt, Magda began fervently praying and reading Scripture. She asked her church family to pray for her.

Sharing God’s Promises in Grief

"There are so many needs in our community. We want to be that voice—that shining light on the top of the hill. We're willing to do the work. We're willing to do whatever it takes to glorify the name of Jesus Christ," said José, a member of Iglesia Cristiana Reformada Comunidad de Fe Poinciana in Poinciana, Florida. 

"I think this city needs a church like us," said pastor Karlos Palacios. Here's a glimpse of how this Resonate church plant is empowering leaders, meeting needs in the community, and glorifying the name of Jesus Christ.


A Church Like Us

Students from the University of British Columbia-Okanagan got lessons on leadership and evangelism from horses.

“My connection with horses is fairly immediate and direct through my wife,” said Todd Statham, campus minister of Resonate Global Mission partner CRC Campus Ministry at UBCO. His wife, Annika Voeltz, owns Lightbulb Coaching. She rescued four wild horses to assist in coaching people through trauma or challenges they face in the workplace.

Learning about Leadership and Evangelism from Horses

“All my life, I had a plan that after high school, I would go to college,” said Resonate Global Mission volunteer Kara*. But then Kara learned about the opportunity to teach English in Central Asia.

“A part of me said that it would be perfect for me, to learn and grow and be better prepared for the life that I wanted to lead,” she said. “The other part was concerned about changing my future plans almost randomly.”

But as Kara learned more about the opportunity, it seemed anything but random.

‘Do You Believe All Muslims Are Terrorists?’

At February’s Council of Delegates (COD) meetings in Grand Rapids, Mich., Resonate Global Mission presented results from the most extensive research ever conducted on church planting in the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA).

As part of an ongoing denominational conversation about church planting, this research will be significant not only for the CRCNA’s future work in church planting but also for the health of the denomination overall.

Extensive Church Planting Research Gives the CRC a Way Forward


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