An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

Eleazar became addicted to drugs and started dealing them when he was in middle school. When he was 12, his life took a drastic turn—and he knew something needed to change. God turned Eleazar's life around when your Resonate missionaries Abe and Elaine Lee invited him to a youth seminar.




A Chance to Change

Nana* could recite Bible verses word for word, but it took many years for Nana to open her heart to the truth of the gospel. Resonate Global Mission missionary Laura* discipled Nana every step of the way, and God revealed himself to Nana in miraculous ways.

A Disconnect between the Head and the Heart

Nana’s mother was the first Christ follower in a Muslim-majority village where Laura serves. Nana grew up going to church and hearing Bible stories, but she also grew up teased and picked on for her mother’s faith.

An Open Heart and Mind

Resonate Global Mission missionary Josh Shaarda has prayed for years that God would raise up more people to spread the gospel and share the hope of Christ.

“God is answering that prayer through ministry in prison,” said Shaarda.

Set Free in Christ

The Soroti Prison in Uganda is packed with hundreds of men in bright yellow uniforms. They are sent to the prison from cities and villages all over Uganda.

‘You Will Be the Ones’

Anxious faces. Defeated plans. Frustration. Losing heart. Is this what we signed up for when we joined the Missions and Outreach Committee at church? We wanted to be part of spurring our church on. Encouraging them to love and good deeds. We tried to fulfill our mandate, and we thought we had people on our side, but in the end everything we tried failed. What’s wrong with our church? What else can we do? We think we might tell the council it’s time to fold the committee.

The Struggle of “Reaching Out” to Your Community

People going through mental health issues are often surrounded by stigma within the church. With the help of a grant from Resonate Global Mission, a church plant in British Columbia is seeking to change that pattern in its local community.

Desiring Change

“Mental health is something that I’ve always wanted to have on the radar for our church,” said Samuel Lee, a pastor at The Tapestry: Mundy Park.

A Sanctuary from Mental Health Struggles

“About 60,000 Nicaraguans have fled into Costa Rica with nothing but a set of clothes,” said Resonate Global Mission missionary Don Ridder. “They’re starting life all over and settling in.”

That’s why Ridder and his congregation, Escazu Christian Fellowship (ECF), partnered with a local organization to demonstrate Christ’s love by providing something seemingly simple—mattresses.

The Difference a Mattress Makes

Is your church planning a mission emphasis service or event? Resonate Global Mission and Christian Reformed Church Worship Ministries compiled a list of mission-focused worship songs. Sing these songs in your congregations to celebrate how God works through mission and to prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to continue changing lives and communities both locally and globally.

Note: LUYH = Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal

27 Mission-Related Worship Songs

Church planting is like hiking up a mountain. Getting people to talk about the beauty of outreach and mission is easy ... but when we finally see how long the path to change is, and how many stairs we'll have to climb to reach our mission, some of us decide we are only willing to go so far before turning back. We pray that all of us in the Christian Reformed Church will be open to tackle whatever mountain God wants us to climb.



The Mountain

“The Indo-Pak community is scattered in Southern California,” said Eric Sarwar, pastor of Artesia City Church, a church plant supported in part by Resonate Global Mission.

That makes it difficult for believers to gather in one space to worship together. As a result, many believers don’t have the opportunity to worship God in ways that express their heart—and those seeking faith don’t have the opportunity to hear the Word of God in a language that speaks to their heart.

With Sarwar’s leadership, Artesia City Church is changing that.

'Maybe You Are the Answer'


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