An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

From an early age, Alyona was sexually assaulted by her father. Her life became defined by those experiences, leading her down unhealthy paths and into broken relationships with other men. Eventually, Alyona found Christ—but her belief didn’t erase the painful memories from the past. 

“Unhealed wounds become a barrier for us,” said Resonate Global Mission missionary George de Vuyst, who serves in Ukraine.

Loved by a Heavenly Father

Faith CRC in Sioux Center, Iowa, has been partnering with the persecuted church in mission for nearly 12 years. When the opportunity first arose, they were nervous and unsure how to engage in international mission, but they stepped out in hope and trust.

They were never alone in this mission. Resonate Global Mission missionaries and ministry leaders have been there for Faith CRC every step of the way. 

Iowa Church Follows God to Laos

You gave a young teenager a way out of drugs and into a relationship with God.

Eleazar wasn’t interested in God or church. His parents were pastors in Tijuana, Mexico, but going to church and reading the Bible was just part of a boring routine for Eleazar. When his family moved to another part of the city for his parents’ ministry, Eleazar’s life changed—but not for the better.

A New Rhythm

Francisco and Karen had a rocky life—Francisco was caught in a drug addiction, and Karen was never sure if he was coming home at night.

Desperate for change, Karen brought her family to El Sembrador, a Resonate church plant partner you support in California. Through that ministry, God provided healing and restored their family.




Arman* had no idea he was looking for Jesus—not until your Resonate Global Mission missionary Ray De Lange told him that Jesus is God.

Open to a New Message

Born in the Middle East, Arman was surrounded by Islamic ideas, customs, and beliefs. Arman did not find peace in Islam, but he never questioned his religion—he couldn’t question Islam. Not in his country. Not unless he wanted to face harsh consequences.

‘Jesus Is God’

Resonate Global Mission missionaries Dawn and Gene Michelson recently retired from the field after serving among the Fulani in West Africa for 30 years.Through their work and the work of others, they saw nearly 100 people come to Christ—but with an estimated 40 million Fulani in the region, the Michelson’s said there is still much work left to do.

‘Much Left to Do’ Among the Fulani

North America is changing.

People from many different cultures and faiths are settling into our neighborhoods. Some of these people may never have been to church before. Some may never have even heard the name of Jesus.

But your support of church plants through Resonate makes it possible for people to find a community that is uniquely positioned to reach them. Thank you for supporting these new church plants!

You Make Church Planting Possible!

You’re helping people in a remote area hear the good news of Jesus.

Amid the rocky terrain of one of the world’s highest mountain ranges in Central Asia lives a people group who had never heard about Jesus. There are no schools on these mountaintops, no health clinics, no electricity. There are no roads and no easy routes for visiting.

But because you sent Resonate missionary Matt* and his team, these isolated people heard the gospel.

Ministry in the Mountains


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