An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

Earlier this year, when churches went virtual, there was great excitement about the number of views our worship services were getting online. But then, after Easter, those numbers started to dwindle. Some churches decided to begin meeting in person again but still found that their average attendance hovered around 50% of what they usually could expect in the summer. Surely, things would bounce back in the fall when the school year starts, and people are home from vacation, right?  

Probably not. 

Where Is Everybody?

Bawer (not his real name) moved to Berlin, Germany, alone—but he found community through the church planted by Resonate Global Mission missionaries Mary Buteyn and David Kromminga.  

He’s also finding new faith in Christ.


Bawer comes from Kurdistan, Iraq, where many people practice Islam or at least come from a Muslim background. Kurmanji Kurds, of which there are 15 million in the world, are considered “unreached” because very few are followers of Christ. 

A Second Chance at Life

New York City was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic early on, and Manhattan Vertical Church felt the effects. A Resonate Global Mission COVID-19 relief grant helped keep ministry thriving.

Manhattan Vertical Church launched in partnership with Resonate in the spring of 2019. With worship services and discipleship opportunities in Korean, the church plant has become a home for Koreans in the area, especially young families and college students.

Supporting a Church Plant in New York City

A village in Sierra Leone dismissed the idea of starting a church—not just once, but twice. Today, a church plant is growing and raising up strong leaders.

A New Approach

In Heremakono, a village of about 500 households in Sierra Leone, people come from a Muslim background. Years ago, Catholic believers tried to plant a church, but faith in Christianity didn’t take root because of the people’s strong beliefs in Islam.

A Church Plant Grows Despite Resistance

Three congregations you support through Resonate around the world

Iglesia Cristiana El Sembrador

Pastor Harold Caicedo and Iglesia Cristiana El Sembrador in California have a mission to build unity in the body of Christ. Their diverse church is made up of people from 14 countries across Latin America, working together to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their community.

3 Immigrant Congregations You Support Worldwide

The church in North America is shrinking. People are leaving. People are identifying as religious “nones.” Church doors are closing.

But as we learned during the COVID-19 crises, church matters. The community church provides makes a difference within and without the four walls of a building.

“Church is a living illustration or picture of an alternative life—one that is focused on following Jesus and his ways,” said Kevin DeRaaf, who directs ministry in North America for Resonate Global Mission. 

Why Church Matters


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