An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

Is your church planning a mission emphasis service or event? Resonate Global Mission and Christian Reformed Church Worship Ministries compiled a list of mission-focused worship songs. Sing these songs in your congregations to celebrate how God works through mission and to prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to continue changing lives and communities both locally and globally.

Note: LUYH = Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal

27 Mission-Related Worship Songs

Church planting is like hiking up a mountain. Getting people to talk about the beauty of outreach and mission is easy ... but when we finally see how long the path to change is, and how many stairs we'll have to climb to reach our mission, some of us decide we are only willing to go so far before turning back. We pray that all of us in the Christian Reformed Church will be open to tackle whatever mountain God wants us to climb.



The Mountain

“The Indo-Pak community is scattered in Southern California,” said Eric Sarwar, pastor of Artesia City Church, a church plant supported in part by Resonate Global Mission.

That makes it difficult for believers to gather in one space to worship together. As a result, many believers don’t have the opportunity to worship God in ways that express their heart—and those seeking faith don’t have the opportunity to hear the Word of God in a language that speaks to their heart.

With Sarwar’s leadership, Artesia City Church is changing that.

'Maybe You Are the Answer'

Houston, Texas, is packed with hospitals. So it’s little surprise that out of the nearly 50 people who attend Filipino-American Christian Reformed Church, 32 are medical professionals.

But Houston’s hospitals are not just a job opportunity for believers of the Resonate Global Mission church plant—the hospitals are also an outreach opportunity.

A Ministry of Prayer

The Bridge, a church plant in Fergus, Ontario, supported in part by Resonate Global Mission, is passionate about engaging with the community. When the members learned about a recent need, they stepped in.

A Desire to Serve

As Pastor John Vanderstoep sought to partner with other churches in the community, he learned of three in the area that each hosted a community meal on Friday nights. They were looking for another church to fill the other Friday spot each month. 

Providing Meals and Building Community

Hauwa was never especially interested in religion—until her 10-year-old daughter Kadiatu insisted on attending church. 

The daughter of an Islamic leader and wife of a Muslim man, Hauwa had always practiced Islam. But as a determined women’s activist, her daughter’s education came before her Islamic ties. She enrolled Kadiatu in Kabala Christian School, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Kabala, Sierra Leone.

Discovering the Light of the Gospel

More and more Christian Reformed Church pastors are bivocational—they work another job in addition to pastoring. For many pastors, a second job is a way to pay bills. For others, a second job is part of their ministry.

“What does it mean to be a pastor? They embody Christ, and they share God’s love with conviction and with reverence, and they usher you into the space before God. It’s beautiful,” said Sam DeJong McCarron, who works as a ministry vocational consultant for the CRC’s Pastor Church Resources. 

A New Normal of Bivocational Ministry

Lupita was rejected by family, friends, and neighbors when she became a Christian. But because you sent Resonate missionaries to Mexico, she found a supportive church community.

Lupita’s neighbors in San Agustín, Mexico, are steeped in a distorted Roman Catholicism tradition that prays to saints and believes in idols. Lupita once trusted in idols too. She believed that the Virgin of Guadalupe would hear her prayers and intercede before God—but then she learned about Jesus.

Now Lupita’s powerful testimony is drawing others to God.

Nothing More Powerful than God

Shamshadeen Mayers felt God call him to be a church planter 10 years ago—he just wasn’t sure when, where, or how to plant a church. But God lined up the perfect opportunity to partner with Resonate Global Mission and plant City on a Hill Church in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

A Time to Plant


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