An increasing number of diverse, locally rooted, and globally connected congregations and ministries bearing faithful witness to Christ’s reign and actively making disciples who live in the way of Jesus.

Resonate Global Mission is championing a new priority for the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s ministry plan for the next five years: church planting.

Resonate, the mission agency of the CRCNA, is equipped and ready to strengthen church planting within the denomination—but ministry leaders note that it will take the entire denomination to make prioritizing church planting a reality.

Church Planting Recognized as a Denominational Priority Moving Forward

The Christian Reformed Church in North America started as an immigrant congregation, but immigration isn’t only part of our history—it’s still part of our story today.

Historically, many members of the CRC came from the Netherlands. While many members are still from Dutch backgrounds, the denomination is becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural. Today, people from a variety of cultures and countries are resonating with the Reformed expression of faith and finding a home in the CRC.

This Is Our Church

Resonate Global Mission is working with ministry leaders from a variety of denominational ministries to strengthen church planting in Canada and the United States.

“The more initiative and ownership that can be taken by a variety of staff to support church planting, the better off we’ll be as a denomination,” said Kevin Schutte, a CRCNA church planter who leads Resonate’s church planting initiative.

Strengthening Church Planting in Canada and the United States

Daniel, Joy, and Lydia* didn’t know Jesus before moving to the United States. All three of them lived in a country where the government keeps a close eye on religious activities. As a result, many Christians have renounced their faith or keep it underground. Daniel, Joy, and Lydia didn’t have many opportunities to hear the gospel.

New Believers

When the coronavirus pandemic forced many churches throughout the world to take worship gatherings online, Bridge Church—a new CRC church plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta—didn’t have the equipment.

Pastor Ryan Pedde and his team bought the equipment they needed to keep their church connected, but they were unsure how they were going to pay for it.

Then Pedde and his team got an email from Resonate Global Mission offering grants for technology support for church plants throughout Canada and the United States

The Coronavirus Wasn’t in the Budget

Resonate Helps Support Church Plants during COVID-19

Marlette and Veronica are sisters-in-law. They live right down the road from each other, but they never got along—not until Resonate missionary Elaine Lee invited them to a Coffee Break Bible study. Digging deeper into God's Word changed their lives!



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