• Ontario, Eastern Canada
    Zack DeBruyne

    Ministry is a big scary Christian word. It sometimes scares individuals away who are looking for something natural or organic, just a place to belong. Well at The Ministry, we see everything that we do as a reflection of God's redemptive work in our world. A good conversation over a hot cup of coffee, a game of pick-up hockey, an intentional study of God's word together with a group of individuals who are seeking God together.

    The key to The Ministry is that we do life together.

    We are not just here for when you have your act together, we are here when the going gets tough...

  • Ontario, Eastern Canada
    Brian Bork

    We are the Christian Reformed presence on the campuses of the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Embracing students, faculty, and staff in intentional community, campus ministry engages the two campuses, bringing the Gospel in word and deed. 

  • British Columbia, Western Canada
    Todd Statham

    Embracing students, faculty, and staff in intentional community, campus chaplaincies engage their campuses, bringing the Gospel in word and deed. Campus Chaplains are there to facilitate faith formation, worship and gospel proclamation, servant leadership, global mission, and mercy and justice. Chaplains are supportive listeners who are on campus to support campus well-being and encourage students, faculty and staff on their spiritual journey.

  • Ontario, Eastern Canada
    Michael Wagenman

    We are a community. We are a unique community, to be sure. Our community seeks to grow closer to each other as we come to a deeper engagement with the God revealed in Jesus Christ. As those who seek to loyally follow him together, we believe that all things - even university - exist through him and for him. And so we are a community that seeks to learn how we can contribute to the healing of the world this God loves. This is a task that includes and requires university rather than viewing university as unimportant or irrelevant.

    We serve Western University...