• Ontario, Eastern Canada
    Steve Kooy

    Our Mission

    Be an incredible community where people experience Jesus and his transformation in their lives.

    Our Values

    • We foster deep and meaningful community because God created us to do life together.
    • We read the Bible, God’s living word, to hear from him.
    • We constantly seek to align our hearts with the Father through prayer and meditation.
    • We check our egos to ensure that God is at the heart of all we do.
    • We equip and support our leaders.
    • We support fellow campus ministries
    • ...
  • Washington, Western USA
    Geoff Van Dragt, Ashley Van Dragt

    Graduate Christian Fellowship is a campus ministry for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. 

    Our Vision is to see graduate and professional students shaped by the Gospel and renewing the campus and the world for God.

    Our Mission is to build a witnessing community of graduate and professional students who study, worship, pray, play and serve together.

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Al Moss

    Alongside the GVSU ministry for the past 35 years has been another Christian Reformed Campus Ministry called Campus Directions that serves the downtown colleges at what are now known as Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College, and Davenport University. 

    Al Moss, serves as a chaplain to the Men’s Basketball team at GRCC. In addition to leading devotions and prayers with the team before practices and games, he also mentors the players to be men of faith of character in all areas of their lives. He hopes to expand his ministry to all the sports teams at GRCC with prayers and...

  • Eastern Canada
    Sara DeMoor

    GCM is an interdenominational community of students who come from many different walks of life, completing their studies in a variety of disciplines. The community changes as the students do, with each season bringing different passions and interests into the community.

    Why is GCM described as a “bridging Christian community”? GCM strives to be a space where people come to the table just as they are, and are encouraged to build on their interests through programs within and outside of GCM. This could be getting involved in a campus club or activity, or something geographically...

  • Illinois, Central USA
    Tim Bossenbroek

    Both Hessel Park Church institutionally and a number of its members individually are involved in various ministries to the University of Illinois campus.

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Laura Osborne, Jordan Palladino

    The purpose of this ministry is: “to develop international ‘influencers' for Christ.” We strive to meet our international friends and develop authentic and personal relationships with them, because we care about them. So often, international students can feel isolated and alone and we work to make them feel welcomed, accepted and loved. Through our relationships with them, we share our faith and we hope, over time, they are willing to receive the life changing power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • New Jersey, Eastern USA
    Kendall Everett

    In response to God's love, grace and truth:

    The Purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
    is to establish and advance
    at colleges and universities
    witnessing communities of students and faculty
    who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord:
    growing in love for God,
    God's Word,
    God's people of every ethnicity and culture
    and God's purposes in the world.


    "To see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed." 

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Peter J. Gordon

    Jabez Ministries is a Christian Reformed campus ministry supported by Resonate Global Mission that primarily serves students with disabilities. 


    Donations can be mailed to: Jabez Ministries, 1641 Willowbrook Dr.,  Jenison, MI 49428, United States

  • New York, Eastern USA
    Joesph Byun

    As a campus ministry, we seek to see studetns, espcailly Korean students, on Stony Brook's campus come to know Jesus. Unfortunately, Christianity in Korea which is known as a country that Christianity is flourishing is losing the younger generations. 

  • Ontario, Eastern Canada
    Ruth Hofman, Steve Venhuizen

    As a student club at York U, we create opportunities for students to grow personally, vocationally and spiritually. As a Christian club at York U, we feel called to show the love of Christ Jesus through all our relationships and activities.

    Through drop-in discussions, connect groups and collaboration with other clubs on campus, we provide safe spaces for students to learn from one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. Whether hosting conversations that connect faith to issues of pop culture, global politics or the power of social media, we welcome diverse...