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God calls believers to live together in unity, but sometimes conflict causes pain and drives communities apart. Healing and reconciliation will take decades of hard work—but for some believers, the path to healing starts with just a few days at a Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshop facilitated by Resonate Global Mission missionary George de Vuyst.

Healing in Ukraine

George has been facilitating Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshops in Ukraine for five years. Ukraine and Russia have a history plagued by war and oppression—and it has caused deep pain in the lives of individuals. That pain often distorts how people see themselves, neighbors of different nations and ethnicities, and God.

“All these things lead to how people approach the cross,” said George. “It informs their conception of God.”

That’s why George leads Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshops, which invite people to come together in order to address pain and prejudice through the lens of Scripture. The workshops include practical steps that lead people to repent, forgive, and find healing in Christ.

“People come scared and defensive,” said George. “They want to blame someone … but they leave happy. They’re laughing. They’re smiling. Their identity is valued.”

People from throughout Ukraine, especially along the war’s frontlines, have participated in these workshops. But no country is immune to conflict among people, and there’s a significant need in the world for people to heal and reconcile with one another. Recently, God has been opening doors for George to facilitate Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations globally.

There's a significant need in the world for people to heal and reconcile with one another. God has been opening doors for Resonate missionary George de Vuyst to facilitate Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshops in more countries. 

Spreading Globally

As more people hear about George’s ministry, he receives requests to bring the training to new places. He’s already led Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshops in Lithuania, the United States, and Wales. 

Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd—founder of the Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshop— specifically invited George to help facilitate a workshop in Wales because of his experience in Ukraine.

“There are many similarities between the wounds suffered by the Welsh under English domination and the wounds suffered by Ukrainians living under Russian domination,” said George.

Resonate connections have also helped to spread the reach of Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations. Resonate missionary Steve Van Zanen asked George to lead a workshop at LCC International University in Lithuania. 

“LCC has 43 countries represented in the student body,” said Steve. “Many students are from nations and people groups that have been wounded and need healing.”

At the Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshop, people can leave their pain at the cross. "Symbolically acting out a spritiaul reality ... can make it more real, something like a sacrament," said Resonate missionary George de Vuyst.

God's Amazing Power to Heal

Through the Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshops that George leads, people throughout the world are witnessing God’s amazing power to heal, forgive, and reconcile communities. While many people who attend the workshop are Christians and ministry leaders, the workshops are also open to people who do not yet know Jesus. Wrestling with their pain at the workshop, they’re introduced to God’s love and invited to find healing in Christ.

“The workshop clearly lifts up Jesus and what he did at the cross,” said a pastor who attended the workshop in Wales.

“It presents a full gospel,” he said. “Not just dealing with sin and guilt, but also addressing our pain (and) injustice suffered, both as individuals and as members of our ethnic groups. I think it is such a powerful message that the nations are desperately in need of.”

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