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When God works through His people, beautiful things happen. Just ask Jeananne and Rosie.

Resonate missionary Jeananne Kuiper has been passionately leading a women’s Coffee Break small group Bible study at Sunshine Community Church in El Paso, Texas, since 2003.

Rosie started attending Jeananne’s Bible study while in a difficult season of life. Encouraged by Jeananne’s faithful leadership, Rosie became a regular attendee. “As I began to learn from [Jeananne] through the study I just began to see her as my mentor because she speaks truth,” Rosie notes.

Over the years, Jeananne observed Rosie’s commitment to learning about God’s Word and recognized her God-given leadership skills. “I always tell the ladies at the beginning of the year that the more they put into it the more they’ll get out of it,” says Jeananne. “Rosie’s a prime example because she’s always taking it seriously.”

Sunshine recently merged with nearby River’s Edge CRC to form Missio Dei CRC and the Bible study doubled in size! Jeananne knew the group would need to split into two sections, but she needed another leader. Someone like Rosie.

Though nervous about the possibility of leading, Rosie soon saw God’s hand in the process. “When [Jeananne] approached me to maybe consider leading...she mentioned that sometimes God uses other people to call you into another direction and that really stayed with me.”

She reflects, “God is working through [Jeananne’s] life.

Since becoming a leader, Rosie and her group have grown greatly in spirit.

“I’ve seen some of our ladies and myself, too, how we have knowledge and understanding and sharing with each other and how exciting that now we come to each other looking for encouragement, or support, or prayer,” says Rosie.

Rosie and Jeananne can’t help but feel encouraged as Rosie continues to be stretched in her role as she shares her God-given gifts with others.

“[Rosie’s] been honestly searching the word and...letting God change her and direct her,” says Jeananne.

“I’m in awe that God put [Jeananne] in my life because I’ve grown so much,” adds Rosie. “It’s like God is taking me from a very comfortable zone to a more challenging one...I find myself determined and pushed to dig deeper.”

Because of your support, people like Rosie are learning to exercise their spiritual gifts in life-changing ways with encouragement from Resonate missionaries. Thank you for supporting God’s work around the world through Resonate Global Mission and Coffee Break.