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You're raising up leaders and helping to plant churches in a country where not many people are Christians.

In one country where you send Resonate missionaries, not many people are Christians. Most people practice Hinduism, and it’s illegal to convert to Christianity.

But your support of Resonate missionaries in this country is making a difference. New churches are springing up all over the country, including one that started because of a leader you’re helping to equip and encourage.

A Conviction to Share the Gospel

Your missionary Kwan* met Devna* at the seminary where you sent him to teach. Devna is married to a pastor and has a young son. Though her life was already busy, she felt convicted to reach the unreached in her country—and she knew she needed more training.

“Devna was quite anxious, doubting whether she could cope with the academic training of theology,” shared Kwan.

Academically, she wasn’t the strongest student at first. But her teachers and fellow students admired her faith, compassion, and sincerity. As her advisor, Kwan encouraged and counseled Devna. He gave her opportunities to share her testimony during devotions and at chapel services.

Over time, her studies improved, and she grew more confident. When it came time for an internship, the seminary didn’t hesitate to send her to lead a church-planting project in another city. After all, a crucial step in mission work is to send someone—just as you sent Kwan to the seminary there.

Facing Resistance

But the other city was nothing like the city where Devna ministered alongside her husband and their church. People were more hostile to Christianity.

“It was very tough for her. She had to struggle to adjust to the unfamiliar circumstances . . . evangelism was difficult,” said Kwan.

Devna and her small team intentionally started building relationships with people in the city. They shared the gospel one-on-one and even went door-to-door. 

She has a genuine passion for reaching unreached people with the gospel. Seeing students devote themselves to kingdom work following the Lord's guidance is always rewarding.

“Devna experienced rejection and even insults when she approached people. She was discouraged many times,” said Kwan.

But the training she had received at the seminary, and the support she received from your missionary and the team she was serving with, helped her to persevere. She understood that, at times, everyone faced discouragement when sharing the gospel.

Reaching the Unreached

Then one day as Devna shared the gospel with someone, they weren’t immediately turned off. They were curious about Jesus and wanted to learn more. By the end of Devna’s internship, a handful of people had decided to follow Christ or were at least committed to learning more. A small church had formed.

Devna is finishing up her final semester at the seminary, and she has met and mentored a missionary couple who are committed to discipling and caring for the new gospel-seekers in the city where she completed her internship. After graduating, Devna is planning to go to another city to share the gospel with a new community.

Thank you for helping to make it possible to equip, encourage, and send Devna to share the gospel in her country!

“She has a genuine passion for reaching unreached people with the gospel,” said Kwan. “Seeing students devote themselves to kingdom work following the Lord's guidance is always rewarding.”

*Names changed for security