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For as long as Obed could remember, he had faith in Christ—but then the coronavirus pandemic turned his life upside down and he started doubting his faith.

“He felt he was drowning,” said James Lee, your Resonate Global Mission missionary. “I said, ‘Well, I’m swimming with you.’”

James met Obed through Compa, a campus ministry that James partners with in Querétaro, Mexico. Obed was in high school at the time, and even though Compa events are primarily geared for university students and young professionals, Obed regularly attended and was warmly welcomed.

A pastor’s kid, Obed grew up in the church and was a passionate follower of Christ. He was committed to his church community and even served on the praise team.

“He’s very social, creative, and energetic,” said James.

When Obed was 15, he had a dream to open his own business: a cafe that sells drinks and baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, and doughnuts. Two years later, at 17, he made that dream a reality and opened My Dream. He hoped the business would be good for the community and that his success would encourage other young adults to dream big, too.

Eventually, Obed did become a university student—he enrolled to study business and sharpen his entrepreneurial skills—and James started discipling him. They regularly met together to talk about life, read the Bible, and pray together. The two grew close, and James admired Obed’s compassionate heart.

Last year, shortly after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, Obed made cupcakes for people who were homeless. He and James went downtown to hand out the baked goods.

But the coronavirus pandemic was difficult for Obed. He missed being able to spend time with his friends in person. He was worried about losing his new business and wondered whether he should close. He also missed worshipping with his church community in person. As weeks—and then months—passed, he spent less time reading the Bible and praying.

“He felt disconnected from church. He felt disconnected from God,” said James.

Obed started having doubts about God, and that was really hard for him. He worried that his doubts meant that he was walking away from God.

But that’s why you sent James to serve with Compa in Querétaro. As a missionary and leader of Compa, James helped Obed navigate the waves of doubt and keep his head above the water. He checked in with Obed regularly through texts and phone calls, and they continued to meet every week over video call to talk, read the Bible, and pray together. As Obed shared his struggles, James opened up about times in his life when he struggled, too. 

“The key was constant communication, being there for him,” said James. “I told him being a Christian isn’t always like being on a mountain … but you’re still a child of God. God loves you.”

With James’ encouragement, Obed started reading the Bible and praying more often. It took time, and there weren’t always clear answers or changes in circumstances, but Obed’s confidence in God has been growing stronger again. Stronger, even, than before the pandemic.

Thank you for supporting missionaries like James, who deeply care for believers like Obed and disciple them through the highs and lows of faith and life.

Your support has resonating effects!

Now, Obed is encouraging his friends. He talks regularly with three friends from school. They confide in one another, and Obed isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and share his own struggles. He prays with and for his friends, and they find encouragement in God’s Word.

Thank you for being a part of this community!

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Obed will continue to grow closer to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to encourage Obed as he navigates running a business, studying as a student, and sharing Christ’s love with his friends and community.
  • As a student, Obed needs to work hard to pay tuition. He’s been able to pivot his business, My Dream, to offer delivery—and has even been praying for people and homes he delivers food to! Pray for wisdom, encouragement, and provision.
  • Pray for Resonate missionary James and the leaders of Compa. Because of the pandemic, they’ve all been spending a lot of time on video calls. They miss connecting with students and one another in person. Pray for encouragement, patience, and rest.