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How can you and your church learn to love your Muslim neighbors? Resonate Global Mission's Great Lakes Team has a partnership with the West Michigan Friendship Center. This partnership makes it possible for local CRC congregations to partner with the organization so believers can put Christ's love into action.

The West Michigan Friendship Center welcomes people from Muslim areas and creates community together through friendship and God’s love. Laura Cronin, the director of the center, shared: “We have developed friendships with Muslim immigrants or refugees from many nations, including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Eritrea, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Some speak no English, while others are professors at local universities. The West Michigan Friendship Center has become a safe space and environment for our friends and neighbors from the Muslim communities."

Laura said that she often hears from the West Michigan Friendship Center's international friends that they "look forward to coming to the center all week long."

"People from these countries value community," said Laura. "Our friends love the opportunities created to spend time together with others who speak their languages and understand their culture. Christian volunteers—at the center, we call them our 'champions'—build friendships to share their lives and skills, to learn about other cultures, and to explain Christianity and American culture."

You can learn more about how to help and share the gospel with your Muslim friends by joining us on the third Thursday of every month on Zoom from 7 to 8:30 pm. This evening of teaching and inspiration, called "the Friends of Muslim Roundtable," is taught by West Michigan Friendship Center staff and champions. You can also join us as we pray together for our friendships with Muslims on Thursdays at 12:30 pm for an hour.

If you would like to know more about how you can share your talents or gifts at the West Michigan Friendship Center, contact Laura by email at

CRC congregations in the Great Lakes region are welcome to pray, participate, and partner with the West Michigan Friendship Center. It is our responsibility as agents of Christ to “seek, model, and nurture authentic relationships of trust and mutual respect across the barriers that divide people, including race, ethnicity, gender, denominationalism, and socioeconomic status." This is what God’s shalom is.

Written by John Mondi, a Resonate Global Mission local mission leader in the Great Lakes region and pastor of African Community Fellowship in Michigan.