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Mission is in the ordinary, everyday moments.

I have discovered that in the ordinary, everyday moments, great acts of mission happen. A cup of coffee with a neighbor, a text or phone call with encouragement, or just being present have paved the way for conversations of faith.

Someone recently reminded me of such an incident. A family who had experienced a tragic fire and had been living in less than ideal circumstances were blessed by some men from a church plant. These men decided to build an addition onto the small space that the family shared, but it wasn't this big gesture that captured the family's attention. To help with the cost of the addition, the church planned a fundraiser—a simple spaghetti dinner with music. The small church plant offered to cover the cost of the meal so that all the proceeds could go to the building project. When they told the family that they were hosting a fundraiser, the father said, "Thanks for the help. I know about God but don’t talk to me about Jesus."

But that night at the spaghetti dinner, the father watched the interactions and laughter and good will of those from the church as they served and simply were present with one another. The following day, he showed up to worship at the church plant. After the service, he said that he liked it and he would be back. Six weeks later, he wrote the song "Destination Jesus." His wife sent me a video sharing the song. He continues to sing it 10 years later. He has written several more songs over those years expressing the faith that came alive in the moment of a simple spaghetti dinner. 

I wonder and imagine what simple acts of kindness and presence God is calling each of us to be part of. I wonder what it looks like for both individuals and churches to embrace the little things that lead to conversations of faith. My prayer is that this will be a new season of imagining and that together we will share more exciting stories of the little things as we the church become present in our communities.

Written by Beth Fellinger, Resonate's Regional Mission Leader for Eastern Canada