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Resonate Global Mission missionaries Max and LaVeryl Voss discovered their mission in ministering to missionaries. Now they’re excited to see what doors their service will open for God’s kingdom.

A Shared Call to Mission

“When LaVeryl and I married, God had already impressed on our hearts that someday we would serve overseas,” said Max. The couple has felt a call to mission for a long time. From the beginning, they recognized a shared passion for Bible translation work. 

They settled on a mission center in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea, because it “could use both our skills to aid the cause of Bible translation—LaVeryl as a carpenter and I as a teacher,” Max said. They’ve now served there for over 27 years. 

LaVeryl uses his carpentry skills to build homes for translators and translation facilities where they’re needed. “Translators appreciate his work as it allows them to serve more easily in remote areas,” said Max. “It’s been rewarding to see some of the Bible translations come into fruition in areas where he built homes for translators.”

Max describes herself as a “brook along the way” (Psalm 110:7) to missionaries in Ukarumpa. She provides “opportunities to rest and rejuvenate in order to keep missionaries on the field with heads lifted high.”

One way she does this is by hosting retreats for missionary women. “These weekend retreats provide each woman with a room to herself for resting or spending time with God,” said Max. “Many women have tearfully shared how these retreats have blessed them and kept them going.” 

Max and LaVeryl’s service, though they describe it as “behind-the-scenes,” is important and pivotal to the mission work in Papua New Guinea. Just ask Resonate missionary Jenny LeMahieu. 

Supporting Missionaries on the Field

Jenny LeMahieu also serves in Papua New Guinea as a Resonate missionary and Scripture Use Facilitator with Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jenny met Max at a singles’ Christmas dinner that Max and Staff Care put on to honor 30 missionary singles serving in Papua New Guinea. 

Help from people like Maxine and LaVeryl is important to Jenny since it enables her to focus on her Scripture use work.

“[Max’s] cheerful smiles and short chats when we are able to spend a bit of time together are always encouraging,” said Jenny.

“We serve the family of God among people who speak over 800 languages in this country alone! I’ve had the privilege to hear stories of how people’s lives have been changed through God’s word in what we presented.”

Because of people like Max and LaVeryl, Jenny said, “I know there are friends nearby who are willing to lend a helping hand.”

Building God’s Kingdom in Papua New Guinea

The Voss family and Jenny are thrilled about the work God is doing in Papua New Guinea.

“It has been our delight to be a part of God’s pleasure in bringing about his servants’ well-being,” said Max. “May Jesus and his redeeming work be exalted!” 

“As more and more people are able to clearly understand God’s word in a language they understand, it is our prayer that they will grow more in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ,” added Jenny.

Give thanks for Resonate missionaries like Max, LaVeryl, and Jenny who are participating in God’s mission by serving each other and the people of Papua New Guinea. Pray for missionaries around the globe who live to share the gospel each day.