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A woman knocks on the door of a neighbor

You don’t have to move to a foreign country—or even away from your home—to expand God’s kingdom. Some people are called across the ocean to share the love of Christ, but some people are called to be a missionary right in their neighborhood.

Love Your Neighbor 

Being a part of building God’s kingdom on earth can be as simple as loving your neighbor. Whether it’s the people you share a street with, or a desk neighbor at your job, God is at work in their lives. Shine the light of Jesus to those around you by being a listening ear, inviting someone over for a meal, and taking the time to truly invest in a relationship. Meeting the needs of those around you and being intentional about building relationships will show Jesus’ love.


Mission starts with prayer. God works powerfully through prayer, and you can always go to God in prayer—allowing you to be a beacon for your community anytime of the day through the power of prayer. Praying for neighbors or others in your life, whether that’s for a specific reason or a general prayer of blessing, is a great way to participate in the work of the Lord. Reaching out to others and asking, “How can I pray for you?” can be exactly what people need to hear. Many believers are often surprised that those who aren’t religious often welcome prayer in their lives, too! Being a part of prayer for others reminds them that they are seen not just by you, but also by God. 


There are many local organizations and people who are doing great work in your community! Can you dedicate some of your time each week to volunteering? Find an organization or cause you care for deeply. Not sure where to start? Volunteer at your church, or ask your church leaders if they have any partnerships with local organizations. You can also ask a friend or do a quick search online for ministries near you. Volunteering with a local ministry is one way you can invest in your local community—just like Jesus did with his time on earth. 

Serve Those Around You

Being a missionary is often more about your actions than your words. Your family and friends are right in front of you and are dealing with their own hardships and struggles. You can show the gospel’s great love story through your acts of love. Serving others can be as simple as asking them how they are really doing over a cup of coffee, helping them with cleaning or yard work, dropping off a meal, and more. Little acts of service go a long way in showing Christ’s love.

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