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Experience God at work in the world by traveling to another country or cultural context. Bring what you learned home for mission in your community.

What does it look like to share the gospel?

What exactly is the gospel?

What can we learn about sharing the gospel from believers in countries and cultures different from our own?

Those are a few questions that a Witness Trip will help you and your church explore. On a Witness Trip, you'll travel with people from your church to a country or  cultural context that's different from your own. Guided by Resonate missionaries, you'll visit ministries that are sharing the love of Christ through words and action in their communities. You'll hear and see stories of God at work, learn from them, and pray with and for them.

Throughout the week, your team will work through the Witness Bible study. You'll gather together every morning and evening to read Scripture, pray, and reflect on what you're experiencing.

When your team returns home, you'll be partnered with a coach from Resonate. With your coach's support, you'll lead your congregation through Witness. Sharing insights you learned from the trip, you'll explore how your church can share the good news in your community at home.

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