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The volunteer theological lecturer will teach undergraduate level course(s) in the Bachelors of Theology program consistent with the lecturer's area of academic specialization. The number of courses will be determined by the length of the lecturer's stay at Justo Mwale University.

Justo Mwale University began as the theological seminary of the Reformed Church in Zambia. Today is operates as an inter-denominational seminary governed by representatives of a number of Reformed and Presbyterian denominations in southern Africa. Students come from several southern African countries. The school is strategically located for impact throughout the region, especially as it equips young adults for ministry and through them equips local congregations for gospel witness.

  • Volunteer opportunity will be facilitated by Ryan Faber (missionary at Justo Mwale University). The lecturer will be responsible to the head of department and dean at Justo Mwale University for course content. The overall Resonate Global Mission supervisor will be Michael Ribbens (regional leader for east and Southern Africa).
  • Masters level degree in a relevant theological discipline required.
  • Basic books on cross-cultural mission as used by Resonate Global Mission, including but not limited to: Foreign to Familiar, When Helping Hurts, The 3D Gospel. Pre-field reading should also include orientation document for theological education at Justo Mwale University prepared by faculty for visiting lecturers (to be provided by Ryan Faber).
  • Doctoral degree in a relevant theological discipline preferred.

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