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Use your love of children to be Jesus to students and their families in Mexico, while learning about Mexico's history, culture, church, and language.

The Graham Christian Institute educates students from kindergarten to high school to live with a Christian Worldview and use their Christian Education to be the Light in the future world they will live in. Although the school is a Christian school, not all students and their families are Christian. 

Families choose this school to help their children learn English, giving you a unique opportunity to share Christ's love and build relationships. There are also opportunities to participate in the local church, work on your Spanish ability, and learn about the history of Mexico while exploring the city.

  • Help the 20-25 students (of varying ages) to navigate the ACE (Advanced Christian Education) system in a classroom setting.

  • The students usually speak in Spanish, however all their work is in English.

  • Assist the director, teachers, and assistants to answer questions from the students.

  • Help coordinate activities and outings for the students.

  • Assist the students with their English pronunciation.

  • Score exams and give feedback to the students.

  • Lead daily or weekly morning devotions for the students

  • Church membership

  • Complete the Resonate volunteer application process

  • Adhere to Resonate & partner’s vision, mission, values, and policies

  • Native English speaker

  • Comfortable with children from 3-17 years old (formal education experience a plus, but not required)

  • No health conditions that make living at an altitude of 7500 feet difficult 

  • Raise sufficient funds

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