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About Tyler and Christina


Stellenbosch International Fellowship (SIF) exists to be a global family that equips and sends out disciples as witnesses to Christ and the Kingdom to all corners of the world. SIF is a multicultural, international church with people from more than a dozen nations worshiping together. We strive to reflect the global scope of the Gospel in our outreach, community, and worship.

It all began with a conversation at the 2019 CRCNA Synod. This eventually led to an opportunity to serve at SIF for three months in 2021, and then to a call to serve long term with SIF.

Tyler is an ordained pastor in the CRC and served – along with Christina – in campus ministry for eight years in Ames, Iowa, working with students and faculty at Iowa State University. Both Tyler and Christina have a passion for multicultural church, the university, serving international students, and discipling men and women to be witnesses to Christ in all aspects of life.


Tyler serves as the pastor of SIF. The church offers various opportunities for faith exploration and spiritual formation, including: Bible studies, prayer gatherings, retreats, and support groups. In addition to these, we provide more in-depth training for Christians to equip them for servant leadership in both the church and community.

Christina uses her gift of hospitality to welcome people into our home. She also helps with a women’s support group that is offered at the university.

Through the ministry of SIF, we reach out to migrant workers, refugees, and the 30,000+ students of Stellenbosch University, especially postgraduate students and their families. These students come from around the world, including many from 10/40 countries like Libya, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China. Many of them will be influential leaders upon returning to their home countries and we have the opportunity to send them there with the good news of Christ.

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