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About Rachel

Vision and Mission

I first came to Nicaragua winter of 2021 with no plans of ever becoming a missionary. It was simply an opportunity to complete my student teaching abroad, combining my love for Spanish and teaching. But God has a way of working in crazy and unexpected ways. A year later, I could not think of anywhere I’d rather be than serving alongside fellow missionaries at NCAI (Nicaragua Christian Academy International). I strongly believe in the principles and Biblical foundations of this school, and my students are an absolute joy to teach. Teaching 1st graders English and about how much God loves them may not seem like the most “nitty gritty” missionary work, but I am honored to be able to impact these little ones who will grow up to be the future missionaries, leaders, and Christians in Nicaragua and around the world.

Mission Work

I believe that God has equipped me with the skills and passions that I have to make a difference in my student’s lives and the lives of those around me. I hope that my role as missionary and teacher may be a witness to those around me that Christ is indeed the reason for my joy. My hope for my students is that they would grow and flourish in knowledge, developing a love for God, each other, and the world around them.

Support Rachel

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