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About Paula and Kavod Fellowship

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when many churches and ministries  were closed, we launched what we thought would be a small new ministry to unchurched and churched people in the Madison Square neighborhood. We called this ministry KAVOD (the Glory of God!).  We met in the lobby of the church, socially distanced, with a group of 6-8. We shared the Word of God, had rich times of fellowship, sharing, and praying for each other. 
From this small beginning, KAVOD is now reaching  an estimated 80-100 people in total each week in its various locations. We also found out as we followed God's leading that we had stumbled into the micro church movement originating in Tampa Florida.
Micro-churches are smaller expressions of the church in the community with a heart for making disciples and to rediscover the essence of the early church. Micro-churches can meet anywhere. They can be formed around common interests like walking, knitting, dining out, game nights and any number of options. But, they must have key components: Bible study, fellowship, prayer & worship, and missions.
 KAVOD micro-churches currently meet at Degage, Mel Trotter Ministries, Samaritas (Burton), Senior Neighbors Association, the Kroc Center and at Madison Square campus. Our vision is to multiply as micro churches in the larger community.  We have witnessed much transformation in the lives of our members who have a sense of belonging, feel valued and are celebrated not just for their gifts but for who they are - ordinary people made in the image of God.