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About Matt


I’m going to work with New Horizons Foundation (NHF) in Lupeni, Romania, because I feel that God is directing my path there. I have a deep-seated need to be of use and do good in the world and Lupeni is a place where I can take every part of me and my experiences and put them to use for the honor and glory of God. I genuinely try to work to cultivate human flourishing. I appreciate the natural beauty of creation, and have the historical and sociological training and background to step in to Romania with empathy, knowing what has happened there over the last 100+ years.

I look forward to working with NHF. It’s an organization that sees the needs of its neighbors—two prominent needs being hope and social capital—and works to plant these seeds of new life, calling dry bones to life again. NHF doesn’t “fix” Lupeni or Romania, it follows Wendell Berry’s advice of practicing resurrection.


During my time at New Horizons Foundation in Lupeni, I’ll be working to cultivate a budding eco- and adventure-tourism scene in the Jiu Valley. My work will be primarily with mountain biking: building trails, mentoring a local high school mountain bike team, and maintaining a website that gives information on experiential and cultural opportunities in the valley.

While in Lupeni, I look forward to seeing God through the lens of Orthodoxy, with its rich traditions and ways of thinking and gaining a wider understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

I also look forward to developing a deeper and more nuanced perspective of what human flourishing looks like. Being in a country that has been among the hardest hit by communism and its demise, yet with so much potential is a prime opportunity.

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