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About Matt and Missy

Vision and Mission

“Knowing what you know about yourself and the world, having read what you’ve read, having seen what you’ve seen, what are you going to do?” This question* is what first stirred in us a desire to return to the overseas mission field. When Missy and I were first married, we worked in Honduras as teachers for 2 years. Even before that, we felt a calling to missions in Latin America. Our experience teaching in Honduras has never left us- it was a formative experience that changed the way we live out our faith and see the world. Knowing what we know, seeing what we have seen, we can’t help but follow where God is leading. Over the past year God has clearly revealed what He wants for our family and has put us in a position to move to Nicaragua.

We have always tried to help our children understand God’s love for other people and cultures and now we have been called to walk through this with them. By taking our family to Nicaragua, it is our deep hope for us and our children to “do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8) *from the book Visions of Vocation by Steven Garber

Mission Work

We are going to Nicaragua to love and serve together as a family. Matt will be the 7-12 principal at Nicaragua Christian Academy, a K-12 international Christian school with an enrollment of over 300 students from over 18 different nationalities. The primary mission is to educate the children of missionaries in Nicaragua, enabling them to follow their own callings to serve the people. Additionally, the school’s mission is to equip Nicaraguans to impact their country and the nations for Christ. Missy will be volunteering with the school and the church we will attend, and helping our family make the transition to this new life. We are anticipating many opportunities to serve. Our children will be attending NCA and walking together with us through this experience. This is their story as much as it is ours.

As we serve with the school, we are helping to make a difference in the nation of Nicaragua for Christ. The school has provided a solid U.S. accredited Christian education to hundreds of children of missionary families, which at one time they determined to have an impact and outreach to over a million Nicaraguan people each year. We are humbled that God has led us to walk with him in this good work he has prepared for us.

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