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About Julia


I am excited to return to Liberia in May! During my trip last year, I was able to work closely with parents through our organization, Reaching Across. We worshipped together and prayed together for their children. Their main concern was education, and with the help of God, our sponsors opened the door for 70 children to attend school! I was overwhelmed with God‘s faithfulness.

I was also able to work at BoWaterside and worship with the clients coming to the clinic. It just fills your heart with God‘s love as you see people of different religions praying to God and asking him to help heal them. What a great opportunity to introduce people to Jesus.
During my trip in May, I will continue supporting education—monitoring the children’s progress by visiting the schools and talking with the teachers. We will focus on creating a network of parents and volunteers so we can follow up and offer continuous support. We will also be updating our sponsors about the children’s progress through our website and email communication.

I will also be working with Providence Baptist Church in a health ministry that reaches out to nearby villages where there is no healthcare. We will offer our services to them. Finally, I will be working at the clinic at BoWaterside.
Thank you for all of your support and your prayers as I continue to do the work I believe God is calling me to do!

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