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About Jeffrey and Melissa

Mission Work

We have a passion for witnessing to the peace and reconciliation of God in Christ. God is a mystery of love. Love preserves unique truths while seeking deeper truths. Love establishes justice and protects boundaries while simultaneously bridging them. The Gospel is love. The Gospel of the Kingdom dismantles systems of oppression while at the same time honoring our differences and celebrating our oneness!

Based in the Sultanate of Oman, we serve as both world missionaries and home missionaries, seeking to deepen the faith of Christians everywhere and helping them to risk the Gospel for Christ’s sake. Incredible opportunities have opened up in the area of ministry with Muslims, both in North America and around the world. We see exciting collaboration to develop a Reformed approach to dialogue, to understanding Islam, as well as evangelistic witness with Muslims, through the work of Resonate in North America, Al Amana Centre in Oman, and Resonate partners in Bangladesh.

We bring Christians together to share resources and learn with others. We seek to proclaim through our lives the unifying love of Christ for individuals and communities. We join in building communities in Oman, Bangladesh, and North America that pass on knowledge, trust, and practices, so that we might become dwellings for the Spirit that lives in us.


We serve at Al Amana Centre, a Christian ecumenical and interfaith organization building trust and peace by upholding the legacy of the Arabian Mission, founded by Samuel Zwemer, and the medical and education missions of the Reformed Church in America in the Gulf region.

Melissa brings Christians together through trainings that help equip them to serve each other, fellow migrants, and Omani neighbors. She supports collaborations and resource sharing with an emphasis on providing basic needs to low-income migrant communities. With Al Amana Centre staff, Melissa extends hospitality to visitors and assists with women-focused groups. She also directs the Al Amana Centre library.

Jeffrey facilitates learning between religious leaders and faith communities in North America, the Arabian Gulf, and Bangladesh for mutual transformation and applying faith to life. He serves as Program Director of Al Amana Centre where he hosts short-term learning encounter groups, teaches courses, mentors interns, and co-directs the Semester in Oman program. Jeffrey serves Resonate partners, the College of Christian Theology Bangladesh and Shanti Mitra (Friends of Peace), in Bangladesh.

A key component of our work is learning to love. Omanis are a welcoming and peace-loving people. We have learned from our neighbors in Bangladesh, and now in the Sultanate of Oman, that ministry requires fostering trust and friendship, receiving and extending hospitality, listening as much as speaking. We are committed to being transformed into “dwellings where God lives by his Spirit” as we extend the peace of Christ in all we do.


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