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About Dorothy


In my quest to know God’s will for me as a teenager and young adult, I joined  SWIM, attended Explo ‘72 in Dallas, Texas, was part of the Urbana Mission Conference in 1973, and spent ten  weeks the summer of 1979 in Mexico with IDEA Ministries.  Each of these experiences influenced and directed me to full time ministery as a teacher and administrator in the newly organized Christian school in the village of Cristo Rey, Belize, Central America.

In August, 1980 I packed up my belongings and headed to Belize, ready to teach and serve the Lord for five or six years in Presbyterian Day School. As the years passed I got the sense that this school and local church was where I was to serve out my life.

Mission Work

When we walk with God and listen to the prompting of His Holy Spirit, He leads us into areas of service that go far beyond our wildest dreams and desires.  
I was ready to be a teacher and all that that would entail. For thirty plus years I have taught all subjects to the seventh and eighth graders of Presbyterian Day School.  For twenty years I was the principal  and a teacher.  When Cornerstone Presbyterian High School was established, I was asked to chair the Board, something I neither dreamed of nor felt capable of. But when the Lord calls, He also enables.  
In the church I was privileged to teach the young adult Sunday school class, serve as treasurer of the women’s society, play the piano for the services, direct a choir, and serve on the seminary board. Again, I often did not feel capable of taking on these responsibilities, but I was willing to serve and the Lord enabled me.

Presently I am of retirement age, yet still desiring to serve God and His people in whatever capacity..  Although I am no longer teaching full time nor am I the administrator of the school, I am still teaching language arts classes to the seventh and eighth graders every day. I am also the administrative assistant to the principal; keeping the books, writing letters, running errands, attending meetings, and transporting preschoolers to their homes each noon. There are many opportunities to pray with students, teachers and parents as they share the burdens in their lives.
In the church I serve as secretary of the Sunday school committee and treasurer of the women’s society. After thirty-eight years here in Belize, I am also finally learning to cook some of the Belizean dishes, as the women’s group is often asked to cook for various church events.
I thank God for all the opportunities, responsibilities and services He has prepared me for and enabled me to do here in Belize.  And He is still using me. We serve an incredible God.

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