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About Delaney

Mission and Vision

Ever since completing my year of service in Honduras through Resonate's Cohort program, I have been trying to discern what God is calling me to next, and time after time I felt my heart drawn back to the region of Central America. 

During my time there, I fell in love with the culture, the people, and the way of life, and I also had my heart broken many times by all the injustice and pain woven throughout this region’s history and present-day life. Furthermore, I discovered a passion for interpreting and the way it allowed me to build bridges for people from different cultures who speak different languages to connect with one another. 

With both of these passions rooted in my heart, I felt God clearly pointing me back to Central America, to use my ability as a bilingual person and someone who has lived in both cultural contexts to serve as a guide for North Americans entering a Central American context in a ministry where there was a great need for someone who spoke English. I want to teach people about Central America - its painful history, its ongoing struggles, and its resilient people, so that they might come to have the same appreciation and passion for serving and advocating as I do. God has been equipping me for this role step by step ever since I first started studying Spanish in 8th grade, and I am confident that He has given me the gifts of interpreting, teaching, and empathy precisely so that I could serve Him in this way, and I feel beyond grateful that He would choose someone like me to use as an instrument for His kingdom.

Mission Work

I will be serving with Seeds of New Creation, a ministry that provides resources, training, and connections for a wide variety of churches and smaller ministries throughout the country of El Salvador. I will be serving primarily as an interpreter and cross-cultural guide for groups from North American churches and programs that visit Seeds to learn about and experience firsthand the grassroots ministry efforts in Central America. 

When I am not hosting and interpreting for these groups, I will be planning and organizing their travel accommodations, as well as maintaining and strengthening connections with North American ministries that support Seeds. Seeds does not have a member on their staff who speaks both English and Spanish, and they have been praying for someone to fill this role for a long time, so I am excited to be used by the Lord to meet this need and lighten their burden. This will give the staff the opportunity to invest more time into the diverse programs that Seeds facilitates – outreach ministry with at-risk kids in urban neighborhoods, trainings for churches on how to include people with disabilities in their congregations, discipleship programs for women focusing on violence prevention, and so many more incredible projects that are all leading people to Christ and working to restore our broken world. 

I am blessed to join an incredible team in their work to build up the kingdom of God in El Salvador, and I am excited to see how God will use me and the gifts He has given me to help people come to know Christ in a deeper way and understand their role in His work in the world.

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