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About Christopher and Christina


Our family’s vision is to see God’s Word speaking into the lives of people in every people group on earth leading to effective evangelism of non-believers and deep discipleship of believers. Unfortunately, more than 1.5 billion people still do not have access to the full Bible in their heart language! This makes evangelism and discipleship incredibly challenging.

A woman in Asia once said: “Reading the Scripture in another language is like eating a banana with the skin on. Now the Scripture in my language is satisfying… like a sweet banana. I can’t get enough of it!” Our desire is that more and more people every day would be able to experience the sweet taste of Scripture in a language that truly speaks to their heart.


It is amazing how God is moving among the nations to get his Word out to all people groups and expand his kingdom! We have the joy of serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, one of the world’s largest Bible translation organizations. Alongside hundreds of partner organizations, Wycliffe is currently playing a role in hundreds of active translation programs! Chris has the privilege and responsibility of serving in senior leadership at Wycliffe, leading a large team that serves churches and partners here in the United States and people groups around the world. He helps to make connections to ensure that resources are available to continue accelerating the pace of worldwide Scripture access, and also consults with and trains other Bible translation organizations to do the same.