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About this Campus Ministry

At York University in Toronto, LOGOS Christian Community invites students to experience community, engage community and extend community for good and for God.

  • We foster relationships in which students experience God’s love and grace. A student who didn't think he needed community found being together was one of the best things about the school year. “How wonderful that you listen to God to create a welcoming and flourishing community for all people.”

  • We engage the university in efforts of justice and peace that reflect the Shalom of God. Commenting on an interfaith event, one student said, “I’ve never heard Christianity described in a more compelling way.”

  • We mentor students in leadership that will extend God’s love, grace, justice and peace in the communities of influence to which God calls them. “Bridging my studies with community initiatives and theological reflection, I was able to see God’s brilliance in the lives of young teens trying to make a difference in their neighborhood."