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Church of the Servant- Grand Rapids

Leading change in the church can seem to be impossible. The status quo can be the enemy of mission. As leaders in the church, God calls us to follow his mission forward and yet so often we feel ill-equipped. If you desire to explore how to best lead healthy change in ministry, we’d like to invite you to join us for a full-day conference led by leading change expert, Tod Bolsinger. You are invited to join the conversation as we explore how to best lead churches, ministries, and people through change that advances God’s kingdom in the world. We look forward to seeing you.


Session 1. The Changing Context for Leadership Today
Session 2. Learning to Lead All Over Again: Core Concepts of Adaptive Leadership
Session 3. Tempered Leaders: The Characteristics of a Transformational Leader
Session 4. Becoming Tempered: The Formation of a Transformational Leader