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There are a lot of different mission organizations out there. Why should you serve with Resonate?

Holistic Ministry

Resonate serves the globe in more than 40 countries. Our missionaries are involved in church planting, leadership training, community development, discipleship, education, evangelism, and more. Our vision is to see people knowing Jesus and living out the gospel in their communities around the world. 

You’re part of a team

No one ever goes alone when they join God in mission—God promises in Scripture to be with his people. God has also given Resonate a team of individuals committed to his mission throughout the world. When you join God in mission with Resonate, you’ll have support from a team to help you with ministry challenges and cross-cultural communication in your region, support raising and staying connected with your supporters while you’re on the field, and more. We’re here for you every step of the way. 

Support for fundraising

A lot of people feel anxious over the need for raising their own funds, but you’ll never be alone in this process. Resonate will help you strategize and network so you can gather a community of believers who are willing to partner with you in your mission. We have tips, tools, and resources you need to connect with supporters and stay connected.

On-field support and contextualized ministry

God’s world is so diverse and no place is the same. That’s why contextualized ministry is important. Resonate has 14 regional teams spread throughout the world. Each team has specific opportunities and strategies for sharing the gospel in their region—and you’ll have a team of people you can rely on when you face challenges. 

We’re committed to excellence

Resonate is an accredited member with The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission. A code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners, the seven standards ensures healthy and collaborative short-term mission work that glorifies God. You can learn more about The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission here.