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About this Church Plant

We are a church of all abilities. While not exclusive to disability, we intentionally and passionately connect with those affected by disability.  Those with disabilities are equally welcomed, thought of, cared for and belong. This is what drives our vision and makes us an "all abilities church."

City Hope GR is a community of people with all needs and abilities that:

- Meets Jesus (we do not assume everyone knows or has accepted Christ), 

- Can care for each other as we grow together in Christ, 

- Can discover our God-given gifts

- Has opportunity to serve the community for the sake of Christ.

We will seek to bless and be blessed by one another as image bearers of Christ. We are reminded that we are all necessary parts of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:22,27) and God calls us to bring in those sitting silently apart, the forgotten (Luke 14:21,23).