Vision and Mission


Christian Reformed campus ministries celebrate and proclaim God’s good news for the educational world They are an incarnational presence of Christ’s body within institutions of higher education. Christian Reformed campus ministries invite and challenge people, along with their ideas and institutions, to follow Jesus Christ and to work toward the flourishing of all creation.



To promote gatherings of God's people, in the specialized context of higher education, engaging in holistic kingdom ministries, led and served by campus ministers and sustained by campus and church in relationships of mutual accountability.



  • The Christian Reformed Church is uniquely gifted for this work because of its theological heritage and educational fervor.
  • Institutions of higher education are a primary means by which our culture claims the hearts and minds of the next generation.
  • The power of the gospel to transform, redeem and renew the world needs to take root and flourish at this threshold of social and intellectual change.



  • Campus ministries seek to influence the entire university. They encourage and enable students, faculty and staff to love God with heart, soul, strength and mind. They challenge social and intellectual centers of power with a prophetic call to be merciful, just, and generous in their institutional habits and hopes.
  • Campus ministries recognize that the church on campus is made up of many denominations and traditions, called together to herald the coming of God's reign.
  • Celebrating our unity in Christ is a vital part of Christian Reformed campus ministry.
  • Campus ministry is not something that is 'done to' the university, but is itself part and parcel of the university. Like yeast, it works from the inside out, affecting the whole.


  • celebrate God's creative, renewing grace within and throughout the world of higher education;
  • eagerly gather students, faculty, and staff into fellowship with Christ and other members of his body;
  • boldly promote the Reformed world and life view within the academy, enabling students, faculty and staff to explore and unfold the wonders of God's creation, equipping them to better serve God in this world;
  • persistently engage the spirit and mind of our culture, testifying to the Spirit and truth of God's grace, and offering hope and redemption by pursuing the Way of Jesus; and
  • willingly offer the fruit of this missional engagement to the institutional Church.