Marlette and Veronica are sisters-in-law. They live right down the road from one another, but they did not get along—not until you helped to give them the push they needed to reconcile.

Fractured Friendship

From the moment Veronica and Marlette met one another, they didn’t get along. Naturally outgoing and talkative, Veronica would try to say “Hi” to Marlette whenever they saw each other, but Marlette felt uncomfortable around Veronica. She didn’t want to talk to her.

Marlette and Veronica’s fractured relationship didn’t just make things awkward for them; it strained other relationships in their families. Marlette’s husband didn’t spend time with his brother, and Marlette wouldn’t let her children go to Sunday school with their cousins.

But then your Resonate missionary Elaine Lee invited both Marlette and Veronica to Coffee Break, a Bible study program of Raise Up Global Ministries that Elaine led at the local church. 

Convicted by the Holy Spirit

The two sisters-in-law both agreed to join, but they sat on opposite sides of the table where the group gathered. One morning, as the group was studying the book of Jonah, the Holy Spirit convicted Marlette about her relationship with Veronica and how it was affecting their families.

“Because of my disobedience, all these people are suffering,” Marlette told the group. She knew she needed to change something. And so Marlette apologized to Veronica—not just once, but twice: during the Bible study and also during a worship service.

“[From] such a public confession like that, it’s [clear that] the Holy Spirit worked in her and prompted her to do that,” said Elaine.

Veronica accepted Marlette’s apology, and she apologized too. “[Marlette] and I were shown by the Word of God that what we were doing was wrong, so we had to change,” said Veronica.

Resonating Effects

Now that you’ve helped them reconcile, Marlette and Veronica are more than sisters-in-law. They’re friends, and they see one another in a new light as they continue to work on healing their relationship.

“The thing that I have always loved about Marlette is that it is just easy to talk to her,” said Veronica. “You feel comfortable, and sometimes, when you are down, just talking to her can cheer you up.”

Marlette is also thankful for Veronica’s support. “What I like about Veronica,” said Marlette, “is that even if you show her your meanest face . . . she is always there.”

Marlette and Veronica’s restored relationship is having resonating effects in their families and their church. Their husbands and children are spending more time with each other, and the pastor of their church told Elaine that Marlette and Veronica set good examples for their congregation.

“I see them just laughing together, serving God together,” said Elaine. “It’s so encouraging how God moves when we study his Word.”

Thank you for supporting Resonate missionaries like Elaine who are working to bring believers deeper into God’s Word! The gospel has resonating effects as the Holy Spirit works in the lives of believers!