Ministry leaders like Jenifer are finding healing from trauma through workshops facilitated by the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua.

Jenifer thought she had left her childhood trauma far behind her—but it was affecting her relationships and ministry in the church.

“Time alone does not heal wounds,” she said.

But God does.

When Jenifer attended a trauma-healing workshop facilitated by your Resonate ministry partner, the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua, she was able to confront her pain and seek healing from God.

Childhood Trauma

When Jenifer was young, she lost both her parents and was sent to live with another family. Grief-stricken, she needed love and care, but her foster parents never hugged her, rarely smiled at her, never told her “I love you.”

Jenifer grew up and became a worship leader for her church. She tried to push down the bad memories from her past and ignore the pain. She thought that as time passed, she would heal.

But she didn’t.

Time Alone Does Not Heal

“Everybody experiences trauma, and everyone has something they haven’t dealt with,” said Resonate missionary Steve Holtrop, who serves with the Nehemiah Center. “Those wounds ... we carry them with us, and they affect how we love others.”

Jenifer said that because of her past, she was constantly afraid of being betrayed or let down by others. Careful to guard her emotions, she didn’t talk about things that hurt her. Most of her relationships were shallow and superficial.

But there is a path to trauma healing—and your support helped make it possible for the Nehemiah Center to work with Jenifer so she could heal.

God Heals

The Nehemiah Center invited Jenifer to join a small group of church pastors and ministry leaders for a trauma-healing workshop. She sat in a circle, nervously glancing around at the people who surrounded her. One by one, each person shared the pain that was holding their heart captive. 

“I could not contain my tears as I thought about everything I had experienced as a girl,” said Jenifer. But she shared her story, and people listened. Rather than keeping her memories to herself and trying to ignore the heartache, Jenifer worked through exercises that guided her to bring her pain to God and put her hope in Christ.

Unhindered Hope in Christ

By the end of the workshop, Jenifer felt lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “I feel that [God] is working, changing, and healing my heart,” she said.

Jenifer said that she is more trusting of people now. She is more honest and vulnerable, especially with things that hurt. She’s a better listener. Quicker to forgive. Better able to serve and love people as she leads worship and ministers with people in her church. 

Thank you for providing an opportunity for Jenifer to find healing from God! “God is the one who transforms hearts,” said Jenifer. “God is the one who heals the wounds.”