In the morning on December 2, 2017, Resonate Global Mission volunteer Pastor David Nederhood was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Bali, Indonesia. David was left unconscious and in critical condition. A group of people who witnessed the accident rushed him to a local hospital where he was placed in an intensive care unit.

After assessing David’s condition, doctors advised that he be moved to a large hospital where they could better meet his needs. David is in a coma, but doctors remain positive about his overall condition. Early Monday morning, David was medically evacuated to Singapore where family members and Resonate Regional Mission Leader, Joyce Suh will meet with his medical Team.

David has been serving in Indonesia since August with Bukit Doa International Church. His work has been focused on preaching, pastoral care, and leadership development. During his short time of service, David has made quick friendships with the members of the International Church.

David’s daughter, Dena, continues to share updates via a Facebook page and writes “Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Special thanks to the friends in Bali who have stayed with him through all of this. He's had many visitors come and hold his hand, pray for him, and sing praise music for him. As his family, we are so grateful for this support. We are also so thankful for those friends who have been advocating for him on our behalf and making sure that he is getting the best care possible.”

Please keep David, his family, and all those who are caring for him in your prayers as they continue to monitor his condition.