Photo by Resonate missionary Jordan Roeda

You’re reaching the globe!

But God isn’t finished yet. There are still 5.2 billion people who don’t know Jesus.


The church has grown in so many ways! In 1900 there were 500 million Christians. Today there are 2.5 billion—that’s 33 percent of the global population believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

But we still have so much work to do! There are 5.2 billion people in the world who don’t know Jesus, and the world is constantly changing. Christians are living out their faith in contexts that are very different from a few short years ago.

Global Christianity has shifted. In 1970, 41 percent of all Christians lived in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. By 2020, this figure is expected to grow to 64 percent. You send missionaries to these continents to plant churches, train leaders, and more.

The number of Christians in North America is growing, but the population is growing even faster. In 1970, 91 percent of North America’s population identified as Christian. In 2020, that number is expected to drop to 77 percent. That’s why you’re sharing God’s love by supporting campus ministry on more than 37 different campuses, partnering with 36 new churches, and sending missionaries and Go Local teams into your neighborhoods.

People are moving around the world—the number of international migrants has grown from 79 million in 1960 to nearly 250 million in 2015. You support Resonate ministry leaders as they walk alongside immigrants in popular destinations like Canada, Germany, and the United States. Not only do you help equip them for life in a new country, but you also share Christ’s love with them!

Studies show that personal contact with Christians makes a difference in the lives of nonbelievers. But fewer than 20 percent of Muslims have a connection to a Christian. That’s why you send Resonate missionaries to live and work in Muslim-majority regions such as Central Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa.

There are people who can’t wait another minute to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ! That’s why Resonate serves the entire globe with 14 regional teams, more than 120 missionaries, and more than 280 volunteers. Thank you for joining God’s mission—he’s not finished yet!

Statistics courtesy of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Pew Research Center