God moves powerfully when you join with Resonate Global Mission missionaries in prayer.

God heard your prayers to open eyes of faith.

“I just don’t believe that Jesus is God,” said Asad.*

Asad sat in Resonate Global Mission missionary Ray De Lange’s car, looking out the windshield at the church in front of him but not really seeing it. He was lost in thought. After immigrating to Canada from the Middle East, Asad and his wife were curious about Christianity. They began attending church and a class for seekers and new believers that Ray leads.

But they were raised to practice Islam. Asad doubted whether Jesus was really fully God and Savior.

Doubting the Savior

That day, Ray had asked Asad to stay after class to help him with his language learning. Ray was learning Asad’s language, and Asad would help by reading a passage from a book while Ray recorded it. Asad had agreed, and he had suggested they sit in Ray’s car, where it would be quiet. After they had finished, Asad had started talking.

“I really loved the movie you sent me,” he said.

Ray had sent Asad a link to The Gospel of John, a film about Jesus’ life that was available online in Asad’s language. Ray felt a flutter of hope at Asad’s words—but then Asad said: “Never in the movie did Jesus claim to be God.”

Blind to the Gospel Message

Ray felt as though Asad had punched him in the stomach. Asad was open to learning about Jesus in the Bible, but he was wrestling with doubt while the Holy Spirit worked in his heart. While Ray patiently listened to Asad talk, he began to pray: “God, only you can open his eyes.”

Praying for Sight

After Asad said good-bye and got out of Ray’s car, Ray drove home and shared about the conversation with his wife, Angie. They prayed together, asking God to open Asad’s eyes to the truth.

And they continued to pray for the next three days.

Opened Eyes

On the third day, something changed. Asad couldn’t explain what happened, but during worship that Sunday, he saw the truth. As his body shook with sobbing, he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. His wife became a believer in Christ too.

Only God can open the eyes of faith in Christ, and God chooses to work through you. Thank you for your prayers and support for Resonate missionaries and the people they minister to. God is drawing more people to him!

*Name changed for security

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