By Jessica Boy - Placement Advisor


As the Placement Advisor for Canada, I am sometimes asked how I got this job helping Canadians find their place in global mission. The most simple and honest answer is that I applied. . . and got the job. However, the route I took here was not direct.

A few years into living in a remote west coast community, I found myself seeking solutions to an internal growing distress to the cultural disparity I saw around me. Shortly after completing a counseling diploma addressing remote community needs, I inquired about working with a local mission that helped families in difficult circumstances and landed a role that gave me the title of ‘missionary.’

Working as an independent missionary was not easy. Living at a remote mission base and on-call 24/7, there were many aspects to the missionary life that I was not prepared for including fundraising for my living expenses, finding a work/family/ministry balance, and maintaining church connections—all while working with a challenging demographic. There were times I would seek advice on my situation from my extended family and their befuddled response usually sounded something like ‘that’s not how we do mission in the CRC.’ Six years into it, almost completely disillusioned with mission and ministry, I was ready for something different. I found myself looking to Christian Reformed World Missions (now Resonate Global Mission) for new opportunities.

Please do not read this as a dis to other mission organizations; there are wonderful mission organizations and agencies doing amazing things around the world. It's up to each individual to do their homework on mission agencies, but my experience of landing with Resonate Global Mission has been an assuring and impactful one. In Resonate I see a team of dedicated people looking to make a difference throughout the world in a healthy and sustainable way. There is a care from the CRC to look after their missionaries and ensure they are equipped for work that affirms and supports all people and cultures.

Now a year into this role, I can’t help but laugh as I remember my first week on the job. As I learned about the training, emotional care, and church connecting provided, I teared up multiple times at the thoughtfulness towards those with a heart to share Jesus’ love. Setting out into the world with God’s Word has always been, and will always be, challenging. In fact, Jesus lays it out, “if they persecute me, they’ll persecute you also” (John 15:20). Knowing this, how invaluable to have a backing team, supportive churches, and a platform of care and commitment to finding better ways to show God’s love to our neighbors around the world.

Will you join us in praying for more missionaries as Resonate Global Missionmoves ahead with learning together how to best join in God’s world-wide mission? There are many opportunities to engage in meaningful work within Resonate networks and partnerships. Call us to explore available opportunities or visit our website at


This article originally appeared on The Network