Resonate missionaries started a taco shop that's God-centered in the way they treat their employees and customers

Resonate Global Mission missionaries Charles and Hensel Oh in the Philippines have started a taco shop ministry.

“Almost everyone can get a job here in this country … but the jobs they can easily get pay no more than 60 cents per hour after taxes and Social Security,” said Charles. After rent, food bills, and transportation costs, the meager salaries aren’t enough for people to live on.

“Just barely enough to survive,” said Charles.

God gave Charles and his wife, Hensel, a vision to open a business that would enable people to earn a decent living. They specifically have a heart for young people: young single mothers, people who cannot afford to attend university, and recently graduated university students who have struggled to find jobs in their fields.

“We wanted to give the young people a chance to do more with their lives, especially financially,” said Charles. “We are all about serving the people who need help.”

The taco shop, called Carlito’s, opened in a brick-and-mortar building in October 2019—and it’s not just the delicious, authentic street tacos that are drumming up business so far. The Oh’s have been told by customers and employees that what they’re doing is “so different.” People love the food, but they also love how Charles and Hensel manage the business.

“We try to honor God in the way we conduct business … we try to emulate Jesus in the way we [work] with our employees and customers,” said Charles. “We always ask the questions, ‘How would Jesus handle this situation?’ and ‘How does this honor God?’”

Charles, Hensel, and employees alike said they’re already starting to see changes in each of their lives.

“This job is a turning point, a stepping stone for me,” said employee Gary Dacoscos, who met Charles and Hensel at church. Charles has discipled Gary for the past two years and knew that he needed a job.

“[Gary] is super bright, hard-working, and a great problem solver—all things I saw while discipling him. And all things I needed for this business and ministry to have a greater chance of success,” said Charles.

When Charles asked Gary if he would be interested in joining the ministry venture, Gary jumped right in. He said the taco shop gives him an opportunity to work and grow as an entrepreneur while serving people in his community in a way that honors God.

“It’s God-centered as a business,” he said. “We employees are encouraged to go beyond the set standard of our country, and we are given an opportunity to be a blessing to our fellow Filipino people.”

Right now, the taco shop employs two full-time employees and two part-time employees. They hope to see the ministry grow to employ more people and expand to include taco carts that can travel throughout the city, so employees can set-up shop close to home without worrying about the cost and time of transportation to work.

Resonate seeks to send and equip people to join God on mission to renew all things, including the marketplace. Several Resonate missionaries like Charles and Hensel seek to minister with people through God-centered businesses and business principles. Please pray that God would be made known and glorified through this ministry and that people’s lives will be transformed.

“We believe this could be the start of something big,” said Charles. “We can change our community and change the city by the way we are doing things.”

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