“The power of prayer is the greatest tool we have as followers of Jesus Christ,” said Tim Hamer, Director of Missions and Compassion Ministries for Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville in Southern Ontario.

That’s why his congregation partnered with Loving Muslims Together (formerly Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims). to host a Night of Power prayer event to pray for their Muslim neighbors during Ramadan.

Devout Muslims fast and pray during the entire month of Ramadan but believe their prayers to be more effective during the Night of Power. Considered Islam’s holiest night of the year, Muslims seek God and favor from him during the Night of Power.

Greg Sinclair, who serves as regional coordinator for CNMM through his work as Resonate’s Diaspora Ministry Leader and Salaam 2.0 Project Leader, notes the Night of Power is an important time for Christians to pray for Muslims.

“Not because we believe there is more power during this night, but because we believe that true power comes from praying in the name of Jesus,” he said. “I think prayer is important in developing more love, compassion, and understanding for Muslims in our churches so that we can increase missions to Muslims … but we also pray for Muslims to have visions and dreams of Jesus. Muslims are open to dreams and visions, especially during Ramadan. It’s part of their spirituality and culture.”

“As they pray, we are praying that they will encounter Jesus,” said CNMM Halton Chair Linda Haist. “The meetings give people a chance to pray together for their Muslim relatives, colleagues, friends, and neighbors to come to know Jesus—not just as a prophet but as their Savior.”

During Ramadan this year, brothers and sisters across Southern Ontario joined together in Christ at 11 separate locations for a night of worship and prayer. About 50 people gathered at Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville. While the church has a number of avenues that open the doors to their community—including ESL classes, a food pantry, an annual kids camp, and refugee welcome and settlement—the congregation recognizes the Night of Power prayer event as vital in their ministry to Muslims.

“The book of Acts clearly models for us the power of prayer as the primary fuel for gospel mission,” Tim said. “People pray, God responds, Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ as believers reach out in boldness. Let’s do more of that!”

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