You’re helping people in a remote area hear the good news of Jesus.

Amid the rocky terrain of one of the world’s highest mountain ranges in Central Asia lives a people group who had never heard about Jesus. There are no schools on these mountaintops, no health clinics, no electricity. There are no roads and no easy routes for visiting.

But because you sent Resonate missionary Matt* and his team, these isolated people heard the gospel.

Struggling through a Snowstorm

Matt directs an organization that works with people to improve their communities through education, health care, and more. In the process, they get to share the message of Jesus’ redeeming love. 

Matt and his team had heard about the people living high in the mountains, and the team was praying about visiting them for the first time. Though the seasons were changing and it was nearly winter, Matt and the team felt they needed to go.

They packed up a truck and drove for 37 hours. When the road disappeared, they strapped gear on their backs and started hiking.

“We knew it was going to be cold,” said Matt. “We didn’t know how cold it was going to be … The first day, we were hiking through a snowstorm, and I was thinking, ‘What have we done?’”

Stuck Inside

After four days of hiking, the team finally reached the first village and were welcomed inside the warmth of people’s shelters, given food and tea, and invited to wait out the snowstorm. The wind blew for two full days—but God was working powerfully through what appeared to be setbacks.

“When it’s that cold, everyone just huddles around inside and tries to survive,” said Matt. “[It] gave us so much time face-to-face with people.”

Sharing Stories from the Bible

The people who live on these mountaintops cannot read or write. They have no books, no pens, no paper. They do, however, love storytelling. Matt’s team members told stories from the Bible in the local language. Stories of Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Stories of Jesus and the apostle Paul.

The people leaned in, eager to hear what God would do next.

“We have more of these stories,” Matt’s team said, handing out a solar-powered audio Bible. By the time the team left, people were gathering in a cluster and listening to Scripture.

A Continued Relationship

“It’s the beginning of long-term ministry there,” said Matt. After long discussions and planning sessions with the community’s elders, the team committed to working with this people group to establish a school for their community.

“It’s going to take years to develop education and hopefully see people come to know the Lord,” said Matt.

Thank you for sharing the gospel with these people who had never heard about Jesus! Matt and his team will be going back soon.

*Name changed for security

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