Beth Fellinger brings nearly 40 years of pastoral ministry experience to her role as Regional Mission Leader for Eastern Canada.

How can your church effectively join God in mission? Resonate Global Mission has a team of mission leaders throughout Canada and the United States to help you discern where and how your church can join God on mission. Please join us in welcoming Beth Fellinger to the team. She recently stepped into the role of Resonate’s Regional Mission Leader for Eastern Canada. Get to know her and how she and her team can partner with your church.

Q: You recently stepped into the role as Resonate's Regional Mission Leader for Eastern Canada. What does this mean? What will you be doing?

A: I will help resource churches across Eastern Canada to join God on mission in their neighborhoods and throughout the world. I believe that listening, learning from, and serving churches across Eastern Canada will help develop missional practices that will empower churches, congregants, campus ministries, and other missional communities grow and develop new strategies for spreading the gospel.

Q: What experience in mission do you bring to this role?

A: I have nearly 40 years of experience in pastoral ministry—in both urban and rural centers, in both large and small churches—giving me an appreciation for the possibilities of mission within an established church context. I have also been part of starting three church plants and a  church restart, which gave me an appreciation for the work it takes to engage the community. Most recently, I planted Destination CRC in St. Thomas, Ontario.

I have also been involved in global mission projects and have sat on boards for mission organizations, both local and globally. I believe strongly in the local church and in the potential of a community of believers to spread the gospel in their local context and throughout the world.

Q: What excites you about this role?

A: I’m excited about the opportunity to support, serve, and strategize with churches to help them develop their missional goals. There is so much potential within the Christian Reformed Church to develop, grow missionally, and connect the gospel message to every generation. I look forward to seeing the creativity of missional expressions that will happen and how we will learn from each other as we learn to join God where he is at work. 

Q: How can churches work with you and your team?

A: I am excited about the high-caliber team members and resources that Resonate has to offer churches. Resonate’s regional teams are available to help your church discover what resources are best for you. We’ll be proactive in reaching out to offer you our support, but we’d love to hear from you! Please connect with us anytime. You can find the contact information for your regional team here, or call one of Resonate's offices:


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