Heather Pennington (right) has a vision to see every student at the University of Redlands in California know Jesus as Savior. Nick In't Hout, a Resonate local mission leader, works with leaders like Heather to help strengthen their ministries.

God gave Heather a vision to see every student at the University of Redlands in California know Jesus as Savior—and you’re helping her make that possible.

A Passion for Sharing the Gospel

Heather discovered her passion for sharing the gospel during college when she connected with a ministry called Jesus Burgers. It’s a strange name, but it got the attention of hungry university students it served. She joined the ministry, flipping burgers until 2 a.m., talking with students, and praying with them. Heather saw many students give their lives to Christ.

“That was some of the most important, formative years of my faith and how I view ministry,” said Heather. She liked the ministry so much, she stayed after graduating. Heather was plugged into a ministry with university students and had a loving, supportive Christian community.

But then, Heather felt God call her back to her hometown.

Heather and student leaders of the Young Life ministry she leads hosting a community dinner.

Discovering a Need on Campus

Heather wasn’t sure why God was calling her back to Redlands, but she packed up and moved. In the midst of her confusion, she found herself walking the campus of the University of Redlands. It reminded her of the campus Jesus Burgers served.

“There’s no access to real community and Jesus on campus,” said Heather. 

That’s when she discovered a small, but growing, Young Life ministry on the campus and immediately started volunteering. As she spent time getting to know students, she became a natural fit to lead the ministry. Leading a ministry is challenging, but Heather took a step of faith—and you took it with her.

Heather and student leaders at a leadership retreat in her backyard.

Equipped for Leadership

One of the important ways you spread the gospel through Resonate is by equipping leaders like Heather. Nick In’t Hout, a Resonate local mission leader, lives a few houses down from Heather. He saw Heather’s heart for students to know Christ and encouraged her to apply for a Resonate grant that provides leadership training, mentorship, and much-needed financial support. Nick also invited Heather to be part of a network of ministry leaders he pioneered who meet regularly for leadership training.

“It’s really easy to feel alone in this type of ministry,” said Heather. “That’s been a challenge, but definitely met by Nick and the network.”

Because of your support, Nick is there for Heather when she runs into obstacles in her ministry. He is able to provide advice and encouragement as Heather runs after the vision God gave her for the University of Redlands campus.

“I have a huge hope for the campus, for students to know Jesus. That every student will know his name and call him Savior,” she said.

She’s already seeing God’s faithfulness in the team of student leaders she mentors. “These leaders have been so strong in carrying out this vision,” said Heather.

Thank you for partnering with Heather and her team!

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