Arman* had no idea he was looking for Jesus—not until your Resonate Global Mission missionary Ray De Lange told him that Jesus is God.

Open to a New Message

Born in the Middle East, Arman was surrounded by Islamic ideas, customs, and beliefs. Arman did not find peace in Islam, but he never questioned his religion—he couldn’t question Islam. Not in his country. Not unless he wanted to face harsh consequences.

But then Arman moved to British Columbia, where many people from Arman’s country are settling. You sent Resonate missionaries Ray and Angie to share the gospel with them.

Ray said that many of the people he and Angie meet from Arman’s people group are disappointed with Islam. They want their faith to point them to God and empower them to live a life of hope and peace, but they often don’t find what they’re searching for. They don’t find God.

“Many of them are open to something different,” said Ray. “They want to hear the message of Jesus.”

Jesus Is God

After arriving in British Columbia, Arman connected with a local ministry that serves newcomers from his people group. Ray and Angie often work with the ministry, and the director introduced Ray and Arman. Ray was researching the possibility of using poetry from Arman’s people group in sharing the gospel with them—and while Arman had only ever known Jesus as a prophet, he was a musician and admirer of poetry.

Ray invited Arman over to his house to talk. The two sat in the living room, drinking tea and discussing music and poetry, but it wasn’t long before Ray shared his faith.

“Jesus is God,” Ray said.

Arman blinked in surprise. He had never heard anyone say that Jesus was God. 

This Is the Man

Arman and Ray wrapped up their conversation. When Arman left Ray’s house that day, the two men didn’t speak again. Ray had no idea the effect his words had on Arman that afternoon, but one day almost a year later, Ray visited a church.

And there was Arman.

Arman broke into a smile when he saw Ray. He rushed over to him and gestured at the people in the church around him.

“This is the man who first told me that Jesus is God,” Arman said.

Used in Some Small Way

Today, Arman is a committed follower of Christ. He helps to lead worship at his church nearly every week and regularly meets for a Bible study with other believers. But Arman is not the only member of his family to find peace in Christ—his wife and daughter have become believers too!

“[Arman’s] countenance was so different when I met him at the church,” Ray said, reflecting on his first conversation with Arman. “He went from kind of knowledge-seeking … to a joyful, happy person who found something.” 

Ray said that hasn’t changed. He’s been back to Arman’s church many times since meeting him again, and Arman is still full of joy and peace.

“I feel thankful to God that I was used in a small way,” said Ray. 

Thank you for playing a role in Arman's journey to faith through your support of Resonate. 

*Name changed for security