Rehoboth Mission Committee team members from left to right: Johnathan Copley, Cecelia Pete, Mae Kruis, Robert Klein, Jonathan Kamps, Chris Gonzaga

Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church in Rehoboth, New Mexico, wants everyone in the church involved in mission. That’s why they formed a mission committee spanning three generations, from a high school sophomore to a former missionary now in her 90s.

Mae Kruis and her late husband, Rich, served as missionaries in Rehoboth and the surrounding area for many years. “Jesus commands us to go out and tell the gospel,” she said. “[Rich and I] both felt that way about it. We were very interested in bringing more people to the Lord.”

Mae still feels convicted to respond to the Great Commission today. She is a member of Rehoboth CRC’s mission committee—a team formed to connect the church to the missionaries the congregation supports, and to encourage the church’s involvement in both short-term and local mission opportunities.

“The team owes a lot to her experience in Christ’s work and will for Rehoboth locally,” said Jonathan Kamps, head of the committee. Mae not only has knowledge of spreading the gospel locally, but she understands the needs of missionaries while they are serving on the field—from prayer and financial support, to communication.

Because Mae uses a wheelchair, the committee meets in her bedroom at her son and daughter-in-law’s house. Guided by prayer, the committee members communicate with missionaries serving on the field, address missionaries’ needs, and plan how to engage their congregation in mission—whether that is through local involvement, short-term mission opportunities, or supporting agencies like Resonate Global Mission.

“The mission team strongly encourages church members to short-term mission projects and experiences,” said Jonathan. “The applicants may gain interest potentially for longer duration foreign mission work later, or getting into local outreach or service more regularly.”

John Copley, a high school sophomore and member of Rehoboth CRC, joined the mission committee because he was interested in mission work and is considering becoming a pastor.

“Involvement in the committee is great because you can be Christ’s servant both in organizing mission work and keeping the church aware of the missionaries we support,” he said. “It’s great to see what all of them are doing worldwide to advance the gospel.”

But partnership between missionaries and Rehoboth CRC is critical for mission, and that’s why the mission committee works hard to engage the entire congregation in the work.

“Jesus commands us to go out and tell the gospel,” said Mae. “We need to have everybody in the church interested in mission.”

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